Friday, October 19, 2007

My 50th Birthday Was The BEST Ever!

I know I am about a week behind on my blogging, but I have been tired. I apologize. For today's blog, I am going to talk about my 50th birthday, which just the best ever, and our quilting trip to Milwaukee!

My first present was my husband taking on the job of being our personal chauffeur again, and driving the big blue van full of my 'Loose Tension' quilting friends to Milwaukee. First off, when we got there, we picked up Jen and Cindy, who were cheerfully waiting in the parking lot of Cindy's apartment to welcome us in. First thing on the agenda was using Cindy's potty, which she cheerfully let me use! I met Murphy rather quickly, and he didn't eat me! I even stepped on his toes. Now, I have to tell you, I am a girl who is kind of scared of big dogs. I have had a few bad experiences, and doberman's scare me, but Murphy was a sweetheart! I apologized to him for stepping on his toes, and he graciously forgave me. Holly, Jen's baby was also there, and she
greeted me as well. The first time I met Holly, I sat on the floor at Jen's and she sat on my lap! Now that's a welcome!

My favorite chauffeur!

The first stop our chauffeur took us all, was Hawg City, a cute little restaurant all spiffed up in motorcycle, Harley Davidson, and guy things. It was very nice, the owners were very hospitable, and the food was good.

From there, we went over to Bits & Pieces, a quilt shop that Jen and Cindy frequent. It was nice, and I also went through another shop on the property which has lots of folk art things, some yarns, and homespun fabrics, and antiques. Lots of little things that you wouldn't normally find in just any shop. I bought a toilet paper holder for the 'Men's Room' downstairs.

From there, we went to Julie's 'Patched Works' quilt shop. Boy, was I a naughty girl in there.
I bought 6 yards of fabric. Three of each one. Then I bought all the fabric to make a winter
quilt that Julie had displayed. I don't have the pattern yet. She is going to send it to me. I'll post picture of my fabric purchases on another blog....................I promise!

After that, we took Jen and Cindy back home, and headed back towards Iowa.

Here is a picture of all of us in front of the Patched Works. Julie is the one standing in front of the cute chauffeur! Mrs. D is standing beside Julie.

Left to right....not going by rows....
Barb, Christie, Renea, Margaret, Kate, Jeanne, Jen, Patty, Cindy, Leslie, Michelle, Mrs. D,
Louie and Julie.

So here are all the gifts I received for my birthday.
Barb gave me a gift card from Joann's and a card.
Renea gave me a 'Fat Quarter Quilts' book, wrapped in a fat quarter, and a card.

Kate gave me a card, and a wooden quilt block pin, which Mrs. D tried to rip off of me when I hugged her goodbye that night!--didn't know she was practicing pickpocketing!
Margaret gave me a card, and a Cucumber Melon Lotion Pat...It smells so good!
Christie gave me a card and a fall wallet/purse and some money to spend.
Patty gave me a card, and a Moda Autumn Journey Charm pack.Jen gave me a Thimbleberries Bella Rosa Charm pack. Cindy made me these adorable coasters with cute sewing notions on them.Jen made me a cute Runaround bag in my favorite colors, a spool of bottom line thread in green, one in maroon too, but I didn't get a picture of that, and a Quilt Pink magazine. Cindy gave me a Thimbleberries Autumn Tradtions Charm Pack.
Then there was the gift from Mrs. D. Her real name is Margaret Doermann. She goes by Meg, but I just HAVE to call her Mrs. D, because when I was in Jr. High, she was my home ec teacher. It's just a respect thing. It doesn't seem right to call her anything else. I do call her, 'hey you', or honey, or sweetie, or 'hey' listen!' I love her so much. In the past three years we have reconnected, she has become not only my friend, but my adopted mom. That makes Barb my adopted sister. Mrs. D gave me this very special necklace. I about fell over when she gave it to me. It is Ruby. The center is Ruby, and there are smaller rubies all around it. I will cherish it forever.So that describes the best birthday ever, with my friends. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends. Thank you to each and every one of you for making me feel special!


Moneik said...

Sounds like you had a great time for your birthday. I think my mom would have enjoyed that a lot more than the new stove we got her for her 50th, but I guess she really did appreciate the gift since she loves to bake.

Jen said...

It was awesome to get to celebrate with you!


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