Sunday, January 11, 2015

Parkview Girls!

Four of my friends from the Parkview Quilting Ministry came up yesterday morning about 9:30 to spend the day sewing with me. They always are in awe of all the sewing machines I have, and how I know so much about each of them. (All I see is DUST!!! OMYGOODNESS! The DUST!!!) They also comment on my wall hangings and things sitting around, which I tell them, ‘Most everything comes from thrift stores!’. Most everything has a story. I love it when they come visit me, as I don’t seem to get down to visit them as often as I would like.

Shirley, Kay, JoLynn and Petra all brought projects. I didn’t sew anything, but visited with them, and helped when I could. Shirley worked on a quilt for someone in her family, if I remember right, and JoLynn worked on a baby quilt.


Petra, at the ironing board, worked on charity quilts. I think she sewed three of them, so she was pleased! (I should have taken more pictures!)


Kay made another beautiful bag.


The time went TOO fast, and they headed home about 4pm.

Come again soon, girls!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Elna #1~Grasshopper

This little baby has been hiding under my Christmas tree for quite awhile. In fact, I didn’t even unwrap her until today, when Louie and I took the tree down. Now she sits in my living room so I can admire her whenever I like.


I bought ‘Ellie’ and she arrived before Thanksgiving. I opened the box, checked her out, cleaned and oiled her up, then wrapped her back up, put her back in the shipping box and gift wrapped her. Then I put her under the tree. The military style case needed some scrubbing, but it didn’t look much different when I was done.


Well, maybe a little…..


The serial number’s first two digits indicate the year of manufacture, so 500970 means she was born in 1950. I also understand this model was the very first model of sewing machine ELNA ever made.

$_57 (5) 

Here is a little bit about the Elna sewing machine, taken from the Elna website:

Elna sewing machines have been around since 1940 with the launch of the Elna #1, the first compact, portable, electric sewing machine with a free arm (when unfolded, its metal carrying case formed a sewing table). The Elna #1 was green in color, breaking away from the traditional black, an innovation in itself for the time. The machine was a resounding success and so began Elna's commitment to the home sewing industry.




Here’s some more pictures of Elly after her bath.

$_57 (4)




The accessory case with the green lid tucks nicely against the back of the free arm and blends color wise into the machine.



The next few pictures showing how the case converts into an extension table were borrowed from THIS blog. Pretty cool! You lay the case flat, open side down….


The panel, which is held down by two clips, folds down on the opposite side, to reveal the cutout for the free arm….



…and the machine slides into place….that is, AFTER you pull the Grasshopper ‘leg’ out, and swing the extension of the leg down so it can be used as a knee control.


Here are some cute advertisements for the Elna. Someone also posted a neat video of a Grasshopper on youtube if you would like to see it!



2013 Elna bird

Click the photo below for more Elna History.


A Nice Thank YOU!

Christmas Eve day, I dropped off 27 little Alzheimers quilts in my sister’s car. She works in a Memory Care Unit in the Quad Cities. She delivered them, and they were quite pleased, which made me quite pleased.


You may have to click on the photo to enlarge it so you can read it. Smile



Saturday, December 27, 2014

‘Firming Up’ the La-Z-Boy

No, I wasn’t talking about signing Louie up with a gym membership! Winking smile 

Louie and I spend many evenings sitting together watching tv in this love seat recliner. It looks good, but the support could be better. Sometimes it feels like our backs are sinking into the lumbar section, resulting in achy backs and bodies. Most nights, Louie will get up and go lay on the couch to get more comfortable. We have other recliners, and they have more support, feel more firm, and are very comfortable, but they are in our basement living room. I was getting to the point that I was thinking of shopping for something new, with more support, but I wanted to stay with a double recliner. I decided to give an idea I had a try. What could it hurt?


I went downstairs to my quilting supply closet and brought up my ‘Goodwill’ bag of fluffy batting, aka, Village Snow Roll.



I removed the back on the side I usually sit, and started taking stitches out of the side seam. This photo actually shows that I was working on the neck rest section, but I worked on the lumbar section first.


The ‘stuffing’ that La-Z-Boy puts in the chairs is encased in a ‘bag’ of sorts…it’s very neat and contained. Behind the bag is the support to the chair back, or like I explained to Louie, like ‘studs in a wall’. I took the batting and laid it out smooth, then stuffed it behind the ‘bag’, trying to keep it smooth and evenly distributed. The back was put back on and taken off many times so I could sit in it and ‘feel’ where it needed adjustments. After many tries, I found where it felt ‘just right’.


I hand stitched up the seams and then repeated the process for Louie’s side of the love seat.


Visually, it doesn’t look any different, but it sure does feel different. I hope this will ‘fix’ my needs, and it only cost me 88 cents and a few hours of work. I plan on buying another bag or two of batting and adding a little more batting. See the wrinkles on the front side of the seat sections? I want to add a little batting in there, then I think I need to shampoo the fabric. It’s been a few years.


It felt good being able to make what I had, better. It sure beats buying new. Do you have something that needs firmed or fluffed up? Be brave! Give it a try. You just might surprise yourself, and save some hard earned money too!

Next project…Louie has a ‘tall’ man’s recliner downstairs that needs ‘firming up’, but he will have to be here when I do it so he can ‘test drive’ it and help me make ‘comfort adjustments’.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

La-Z-Boy Recliner Fix

Yesterday, Louie told me our recliner in the basement living area was ‘stuck’ in the ‘halfway down’ position.  He said he tried and tried to fix it without any luck.


I went down this morning and tried myself for quite awhile to figure it out. I laid the chair on it’s back, then on it’s side, and I could not find anything that should be in the way of the mechanism working smoothly. No amount of brute force could budge it without fear of bending steel out of shape. I decided to visit Google and see what I could come up with.  I found THIS site and what a BLESSING it was! Armed with my can of WD-40, I sprayed in the many spots that should move.





I have no idea which spot I hit that was the right one, but now my recliner is in the down position, just like the chair pictured below, and all parts move just like they were new! Smooth as silk. Quiet as a breeze.

Thank you!


(All images in this post were borrowed from Google Search).


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