Saturday, February 9, 2008

A GREAT Day With My Quilting Friends!

Today was quilting day at my home for my quilting friends. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it when my friends come to quilt with me. We all get along so well, love and care for each other, and the sounds of laughter fill the house the second Saturday of each month. Today we celebrated Barb's birthday, with birthday cards, gifts, and an ice cream cake. We had three gals who were missing today, and we all missed them. Ok, Leslie, Polly, and Renea, where were you????
I only took one picture of our group today, and this was the one. I know you can only see a couple faces, but starting in the center of the picture on the bottom, and going around to the left, we have Christie, Patty, Jeanne, Kate, (in the blue sweater who you can't see) Margaret,
Mrs. D, and Barb, the birthday girl. We quilt in my basement, and I always get so sad when it is time for them to go home.

Today, I quilted the quilt top I made last month for the little girl in Minnesota. I decided that I was going to do FMQ (free motion quilting) on my Juki (#2 machine) that is in a cabinet. I set it up at the other end of the room so I would have plently of space, and went to town. Here is Lily's quilt, all finished, bound, and ready to go.
Here's a peek at the backside.
Here's a couple closeup pictures of my quilting.
I decided that Lily needed a little purse that matched her quilt, so Patty found some fabric to make a bag for her little 3 year old granddaughter, and we made our bags together. Lily is also three. I plan on sewing a couple buttons on it, and adding a closure to it before I give it to her.

Here is the link to the original pattern I found. This is actually a bigger version of an origami bag that I found online. I made it bigger (this one I cut 18" square) and I made a strap for it, and made a purse. It turned out really cute. I'm not sure if you can see it or not, but there are actually 4 little triangular 'pockets' inside the purse.
I had so much fun today. Finishing the quilt went very quickly, and the bag was so fast to make. The sense of accomplishment I feel is my high, and spending time with friends is the best gift a person can get.


Carla said...

How fun! I love sewing with other people. Your quilt is lovely and the purse is perfect!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Your quilt turned out so cute and the FMQ is wonderful. I liked the idea of the little purse. It seems little girls always love purses.

I'm glad you had fun sewing with the group. I can't wait for spring so we can all sew together again. I'm tired of snow and cold and I want it to all go away NOW.

Carol Van Rooy said...

I love the colours in your quilt. Fantastic job.

Jen said...

Your quilt looks great!! I like the little purse too. I can't wait for the weather to get better so that I can come for a sewing saturday!!!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Oh...what a great day for you! I want to sew with all of you too, but Michigan is so far away. The quilt and the bags are lovely. What a great gift. Have a great Sunday!
Regina in MI

jillquilts said...

The quilt looks so great! And I love the purse! I always enjoy sewing with my friends, too!

Maureen said...

The quilt and purse are wonderful! I wish we all lived closer so that we could have one big quilting party day but with us spread all over the's hard to have a sewing bee together.

Moneik said...

The quilt is so pretty and I'm sure she will love it. Don't you love the feeling of accomplishment? Great job on finishing it up. Sewing with friends is always wonderful. Glad you had a good time.

Kristie said...

It looks like everyone was having a great time. I wish that there were more people around me that I knew quilted. I love quilt and purse, perfect for a little girl. And THANK YOU so much for always sending patterns, it is a true joy checking my email.

Maureen said...

Happy Valentine's Day Michelle!



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