Saturday, May 31, 2008

Goodwill Treasures And A Gift From Sissypoo!

Before all our van troubles began yesterday, and while my 'Sissypoo' and I were out 'Goodwill Hunting', I found another neat teapot. I have not officially found a spot for it yet, but I will! I also found two doilies like the teapot is sitting on, and another doily in a different shape. Total of all three doilies was $1.14. The teapot was $4.38.
I also found this NEAT pencil sharpener! ($2.38) It is old, and I like the way the shavings cup comes off of it. It also does a very nice job of sharpening pencils. I have to decide where I will permanently mount it, and decide if I want it hanging, or sitting on a shelf or desktop secured down.The opening is expandable, some kind of a spring type thing, so that is neat too!The cup rotates around to whatever position you want it in. My Sissypoo gave this picture to me. She bought it at a garage sale, because she knew that I loved sewing machines. I have to find a spot for it soon too. The sewing machine actually looks kind of lonely. It looks like it is sitting in an upstairs room where no one pays any attention to it anymore. The wallpaper is peeling off the walls in spots. (Just so sad!) I WILL find a perfect spot for it, and when I do, I will show you.
Thank you, Sissypoo, for 'Goodwill Hunting' with me, and spending the day with me Friday.

1 comment:

Connie said...

That pencil sharpener is the darned neatest thing!!! How fun is that! (and your sister is a sweetie for giving you that great picture!)


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