Sunday, November 16, 2008

THIS SUCKS, and other stuff....

What is it with me and Electrolux vacuum cleaners? I got my very first Electrolux when I bought it from my new friend and coworker, Christie, in 1979. I used it for a long time, until the motor started growling, then another 'so called' , who I trusted, and sold Electrolux vacuums, told me I need a new one. I found out later, the motor probably could have been cleaned, reworked, or replaced, and I wouldn't have had to spend another small fortune. I'm sure he knew that, but that was a long time ago, and water under the bridge. Live and learn.

So about 12 years ago, right after we moved to this house, one of those 'Kirby' salesmen came to my door and 'showed' me just how full of dirt my carpet still was. Ok, I get it....when I vacuum, I don't move at a snail's pace, and vacuum over the same place 27 kazillion times. I think if I did that with ANY vacuum cleaner, the 'demonstration bag' would have dirt in it. Are you with me? Amen. I guess I still have NOT learned. I think I'm 'slow'. Ok, so in my NAIVENESS and STUPIDNESS, and my inability to JUST SAY NO!, I was taken in, and I bought a new upright Kirby. In the deal, I watched my Electrolux canister vacuum cleaner with all the attachments, my Electrolux shampooer and all it's attachments, and my Electrolux Upright vacuum cleaner go out my front door. I guess I was still in the 'learning' processs.

Can I say I HATED the Kirby? Sorry, I just did. I had another upright, which I did NOT let go. It was my Fantom Lightning (or Thunder, I don't know which one), I had bought from Sears YEARS AGO. Now, that thing SUCKED, and still does! I hardly EVER used the Kirby, because it was just too hard on my back, it was heavy, and even with the self propelled brush, it was just too hard to maneuver. It seemed each time I tried to turn it, or move it, it wanted to 'roll over'! I sold it on Ebay a few years ago for a HUGE LOSS.

So, a few years ago, my girlfriend (same one who sold me my first Electrolux) called and asked if I wanted to run to an Electrolux dealer so she could buy a new Electrolux (She gave us selling Electroluxes shortly after she got a full time factory job). Sure! Anything to spend time with my friend! So she bought the top of the line canister vacuum cleaner, and I was convinced I missed my Electrolux, so I bought the cheapest version, which had the very same motor in it as the highest end vacuum, but without all the bells and whistles. About half the price in cost.

I came home and looked on ebay, and I found an older version of the Electrolux, about what I had years ago, only a few years newer than the one I had. $179. Of course I bought it!

Now I had an Electrolux for the main floor, and one for the basement. I still had (have) my Fantom from Sears, mind you. So, I started using the Ebay Electrolux downstairs, and I would bring the Fantom upstairs to vacuum, more so, than not. What did I do with the new Electrolux? Oh, it is in the front closet! I bet is has only had it's bag changed once or twice. Tops.

Then, in April of this year, we were junkin' with my brother and his wife, and I found another Electrolux at Goodwill. Here is the post about that one. That Electrolux, once cleaned up, was just as nice, as the one I bought on Ebay!

Ok, now I know you are counting my vacuum cleaners. Let me help you....that adds up to 3 Electrolux canister vacuums, and 2 uprights. I was just thinking a few days ago, how nice it would be to have another upright, because I am getting older, and by using the upright, which I am using more, it has to be carried up and down the basement steps. My Fantom is heavy, and as my joints are starting to ache more, and my backand neck are aching, I have been asking Louie to carry it up and down for me. So, why don't I use the canisters? Seems I keep tripping over them. I guess I'm clumsy, and it seems I have to stop and 'drag' the canister around the corner, and then I trip over the hose.

So, when I saw the Electrolux for $25, I had to see if it worked. Louie tried it out, and the gal at the shop told him he was doing such a nice job, and to "Please, continue!". We brought it home, and I told Louie that we could try to sell the newest Electrolux on Ebay, (but I wasn't going to 'Give it away' either). We could also try to get(hopefully) most of the money back I paid for the one on Ebay, and I would keep the one I got at Goodwill for situations when an upright just won't work. So, soon, I hope, those two vacuums will be listed on Ebay.
So, here is the upright we purchased yesterday, just as we bought it.I know it is hard to see, but it was really dirty, and it had this rattling sound when it was moved. A few screws and paper clips fell out when I turned it upsidedown. I removed the top cover of the base...and put it in the hot soapy water.
I scrubbed the roller, and as much of the inside as I could, after I removed the handle. I also removed the white cover of the end of the hose and checked for obstructions. There were none.
I had a nice little pile of dirt, and leaves, and little bb's or shot, or something! I had Louie check, and he does not think these little things came from the vacuum itself, but were stuck under the bottom cover under the roller.Here she is! All cleaned, and polished (Kitchen Magic), and I didn't even have any screws left over!I gave it a test run, and it works like a dream! I went online and found a free pdf manual for it, so I was able to learn a few more things about it. I also found a place to order some bags, and I am still deciding about buying the accessory hose and attachements.

So, want to see my other treasures? I thought it would hold bigger plates than this. I have some old 10" plates, and they are too big. Now what? Give me ideas!
A food chopper, or as Louie would call it, a 'whopper chopper'. Huh? Beats me!
...and other doily to add to my doily drawer. I don't have to have a place to put a doily, or a reason for buying one. If I see one at a thrift store, step back! It's mine!

Look how thick and textured it is!
by Thomas Ken 1709
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow,
Praise Him, all creatures, here below,
Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts,
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
I am blessed.


Amelia said...

What a story - all those vacum cleaners - I agree about tripping over the canister type. The last vacuum cleaner we bought is a Dyson...and I really like it.

That plate rack is will find something to put on it.

You and your doilies...just like I am when I see a small white pitcher.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Lots of great treasures again and all it took was some soap and water and a little elbow grease. I just always love seeing your junkin pictures.

Suzan said...

I could not agree more about the Kirby! It is so darn heavy and I have never been impressed with the cleaning. Another machine that people rave about is the Rainbow but I think that thing is just nasty with the icky water reserve you have to dump! I had an Electrolux whole house vac in Seattle and LOVED it! I don't think I have ever seen an upright. If it really is light weight I might need to think about getting one. I also have a Fantom and although I think it cleans great, it is pretty cumbersome to lug around.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I have an Electrolux canister that I bought somewhere around 1988 - it still runs but isn't working as good as it used to. Probably needs a good servicing. I'd love to have an upright though! blessings, marlene

Hazel said...

Great buy ,a little soap and water does wonders eh .


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