Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wizards Of Winter

I loved this video the very first time I saw it about three years ago. I made sure everyone saw it. My sisterinlaw and brother surprised us and took us to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. It was neat. I wore earplugs. We were in the nose bleed section, but the lights were AWESOME! The music of the whole concert is a little bit MUCH for me, but it was great to see at least once. The next year, we were going to go again, this time, taking some friends of ours. Well, they went, but I didnt' go, as I had a horrific headache, and was not going to subject myself to added noise and lights.

This is my favorite song of the TSO concert, and listening to the music AT the concert is ok, but listening to it from the CD is not something I could handle without jumping off a bridge.

TSO is definately something you should go see if you haven't, when they are in your area, and part of the concert ticket price goes to a good cause, like a local hospital. The people performing in this concert are absolutely fabulous, and I can't believe where they must get their energy.

So, ok...I'll stop rambling. Watch this video. It's one of the highlights of my Christmas each year. If you would like to see more, go to youtube and do a search of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and you can actually see what some of the concert looks like.

Enjoy 'Wizards of Winter'.


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