Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm Getting Crowned!

No, unfortunately, not THIS kind of pearled tiara. My dental visit wasn't the most pleasant, because... I'm getting another dental crown. Top left, #13. My share of the bill comes to $425. (Thank you Lord, for my job, which includes health insurance and dental insurance.)

I already have several crowns. Let's count. I have two of these 'bridges' in my mouth. One on the far left side of my mouth, and one on the far right side of my mouth on the bottom. Covering the original teeth, that's 4, just in the two bridges. If you count the one 'suspended' between the crowns, that's two more (one for each bridge). Now we're up to 6. Ok, let's call them false teeth. Forgive me, and I hope I don't scar you forever with these images, but this is my mouth. (Big, isn't it?) See the whiter colored tooth on the right side of the picture on the top? That's #12. (That would be on the left side of my mouth). That's one more. #13 is right behind #12. Now we are up to seven. When #13 is done, that will be EIGHT false teeth. My two front teeth have a big gap in between them. That's the way I was born. My dear dentist filled in the space so it looks better. Should we call that 1/2? See that wire on the left side of the picture on the upper teeth? That's part of my TWO TOOTH partial. Can you see how the partial 'teeth' overlap the gums? If you count those two teeth, that's TEN. Ten 1/2 falsies.

Ok, now I know I am grossing you out, and please forgive me for that! Below, is my partial, or as some people call it, a 'flipper'. It is my best friend. I don't step outside of my home without it. It hooks around my back teeth on the top, which are not technically my back teeth, as they have been removed. This is what it looks like from the bottom.Wow, I really shouldn't be bragging about the horrible past condition of my mouth. Definately nothing to be proud of! (Sure wish I had the money spent on fixing up this pit!) However, if I hadn't fixed all of these teeth, this is what I would look like. I guess I'd rather spend the money and NOT look like this.
Moving onto other things, it is getting really cold and windy here. I kind of agree with how my friend Maxine is feeling.I went downtown and paid the bill for the 'remanufactured' compressor for my refrigerator, and nearly froze solid! If I had been sitting in my freezer, I would have, as it it working quite nicely now, thank you very much...but then, it SHOULD for $502.21! For that kind of money, I can't believe I didn't get a NEW compressor. Geez!
Right after I paid the bill for the compressor, I went to the tax preparer's office and dropped off the last necessary paperwork she needed to complete our tax return. I hope she hurries, because at the rate I've been spending money, we're gonna need it ASAP!
So, I guess I've 'whined' enough about all my woes. I REALLY Do feel VERY BLESSED. God is good, and He takes good care of me, even when I 'whine'.

My van REALLY needs to go to the car wash. Maybe while I am at it, I will go to this car wash as well. I can always use a spiritual 'renewing'.God bless you, friends. Thank you so much for hanging in there and listening to me today. You truly ARE good friends if you made it to the end of this post. Only friends would look inside your mouth and still love you.


Amelia said...

Your mouth sounds like mine. I wear upper and lower partials...several of the rest of the teeth are crowned...I believe each of my teeth left in my mouth are creations of great dental work without actually crowning them.

Glad your frig is repaired and back to doing its required job in the kitchen.

Stay warm...have a wonderful weekend.


StitchinByTheLake said...

You are too funny Michelle! My friend cracked a tooth a couple of months ago and had to have an implant today. It came with a bone graft for some reason and when I asked where they go the bone she said, "from a cadaver!" Count your blessings girl - you didn't have to do that! blessings, marlene

Sue said...

Oh, Michelle, I have been there, hon. The crowns, partials, etc. Strange that I took care of my teeth and had the trips to the dentist but there was something about my mouth! Sorry about all the expenses....I'm looking at some myself...don't want to talk about them. Yes, we are blessed. Praise The Lord!

Gina said...

I must stop reading blogs while I'm eating breakfast. Not a good start to the day. LOL

I'm glad you are all sorted now and hopefullythis will be it for the expenses for a while.

love and hugs Gina xxx

Vicki said...

Oh girl, that reminds me - I chipped my front tooth and need to visit the dentist, too, but then he'll nag me about the bridge I never's always something! We can't seem to get past these other medical issues long enough to repair do pray that we can.

Thank you so much for the blog comment. You're a sweetie!

Kristie said...

Seems like there is always something that comes up! Or at least that is how it is at my house!

I just hate going to the dentist, it is always more expensive when you leave then what you thought it would be when you go in.

Richard has a partial, or I guess that is what you would call it. When he was 8 yrs old, he was crossing the street on a bicycle and got hit by a truck! It knocked one of his front teeth out, so it is fake!


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