Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hexagon Finale

Well, it's finally done! Praise God. Here are a couple pictures from Friday when I added the final borders. I rolled my sewing table over and butted it up against the big tables to make sewing the borders on, as the quilt top was getting so large, it was getting difficult to handle without it trying to fall on the floor.I didn't get the quilt frame set up until today. I ran out of steam yesterday, and I just couldn't do it. My friend Julie asked about my sewing/quilting space, so I thought I would take a long shot and show how I take over the basement area. The far end is where Louie has his pool table, but the pool table also gets used for a cutting table, by putting a large piece of plywood on top of it, then I put my cutting mats on top of the plywood. The quilting girls love it. You can also see that I have two 8' banquet tables attached together, and that is another large sewing space, and where the girls sit when we get together for quilting. The tables are covered with large cutting mats, so they can sew and cut without getting up, if they are working on smaller pieces that need cut.Wow. It has been a long time since my frame has been set up, and my Juki has 'ridden the rails'. A year and almost two months. My quilting adventure today didn't start out very good. I quilted two long rows, and I had checked the stitches underneath and thought they looked ok, but the machine was skipping stitches alot, which it rarely did ever before. I stopped and changed everything back to the way it was before it got sent out to the repair people. Evidently, the repair techs changed all the settings. I had to turn my pressure foot pressure back to where I had it, drop the feed dogs back down, adjust the bobbin tension, and the upper tension. Before I started, I decided to check the needle, because I use topstitch needles, and it had a regular needle in it, as someone had changed it somewhere on it's journey, so I changed it back to a topstitch needle.

The first two rows were totally unacceptable on the underside. I did not like how the stitches looked, as the tension had been way off. I had 'eyelashes' everywhere, so two hours later, and all the stitches pulled out, I was just going to walk away until another day, but I decided to say a prayer and rethread the machine, and check the bobbin area for lint. I rethreaded and started again, and the second time around, it sewed perfectly.
Here's a shot from the other end of the basement.About 2 hours later, the top was finished. This is my favorite part of quilting...when I can cut the quilt away from the backing, and lay it over the rollers for a picture. When you go from a flat quilt top, to a somewhat scrunched up top, it just looks so pretty, and I get so excited.Next, the quilt gets a picture taken with the backing showing. My backing, as usual, was a Goodwill sheet. I love sheets, as I don't have to do any piecing.This photo shows that I used black/violet binding. It blends into the front, and contrasts on the back. I got lazy and just sewed it down by machine, using my new Janome 6600, and using the accufeed. Wow. I love the accufeed!Louie is holding up the quilt for me. He said something like, "Hurry up! My arms are about to fall off!" I guess I got a little carried away. I didn't know it would end up so big. It is 73" x 84".The basement is almost put back together in this photo I still had to put the ironing board away. The guys are Louie and his friend Jeff. They usually play pool on Sunday nights, to practice for their Tuesday night pool leagues. Sometimes they practice on Monday nights if life's busyness gets in the way. Can you see my little 'Quilting (bear) Bee' hanging from the ceiling over the 'Loose Tensions Quilting Club' table? My bee was a Goodwill find a few years back. I just thought, 'how perfect'!Thanks for hanging with me, and letting me torture you with all the pictures I have posted of this quilt over the last few weeks. It is the first quilt I have made in a LOOOOONNNNNNGG time. I will be going 'night night' with it tonight.

As for the Juki, for those who have stuck with me through thick and thin on my journey to get her fixed starting over a year ago, other than the tension adjustment issues, she performed flawlessly. I am so happy. I gave her a kiss when I put it back on the shelf tonight. I love her.


Amelia said...

Wonderful! The machine performed flawlessly the second time had to fine tune the settings but "voila" it did exactly what you wanted...and such a beauty to do your test run on.

Your basement is such a great set up for quilting...makes me wish I had that much area...I have a small bedroom - no room for a large quilting layout like you have..oh but I enjoy my hand quilting so much.

Have a great week -

Sue said...

The quilt is beautiful! I'm so happy the Juki worked. I know you've had lots of frustration with it for a while. I know your friends appreciate your sharing that wonderful "sewing room". I wish I lived nearer.

May Britt said...

It is a beautiful quilt and you did a great job quilting it. Love the way you turn the pool table to a working space.

Anonymous said...

I love the quilt!!! I am such a fan of the scrappy look. I so appreciate the pics of the sewing room. You have a great sewing space. I finally have mine set up. It was a lot of work but tomorrow I will be able start sewing! wohoooo

I am still on my daughter's laptop while my computer is down. My dd boyfriend was sick and couldn't work on my puter so I am still without.

Suzan said...

The quilt looks great! The flowered print you used for the borders really pulled it together and I LOVE the little pieced border!

You have to tell me about your frame. I want to get one for Jenny and it will need to be easily set up and taken down. It would be great to have enough room to leave one up all the time but it just would not work in my space.

Have a great day!!

Carla said...

I'm thrilled for you that your Juki worked so well! Thanks so much for sharing all the pictures of your quilt and sewing space. I love to see where people live and sew!

Lori said...

It's beautiful! and I'm coveting your nice, roomy space to work in. Thanks for sharing!

StitchinByTheLake said...

What a wonderful room Michelle - I'm jealous of all that space! Maybe someday I'll be in your area and I can come sew with you. :) blessings,marlene

Winona said...

Michelle, your quilt is beautiful! I love your quilting area. I hope I can have a quilting setup like that some day. Glad your Juki is working good again.

Kristie said...

Sounds like your machine is finally working great again! I know how stressed that you have been over it.

I just love your quilt, it turned out very nicely. Your quilting look wonderful too! Love all of the photos! Your basement is amazing!!

Gina said...

It's a fabulous quilt. I'm so glad that Juki behaved for you

love and hugs Gina xxx


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