Sunday, March 29, 2009

Windows Live Writer!

I learned about Windows Live Writer from Suzan so I needed to check it out. This is my first attempt at doing so.

Now I am trying the ‘Insert photo’, so I will show you the Fil-Tec Magna-Glide bobbins I ordered last night from AllStitch LLC .

bobbinsSoooo, that seemed to work ok. I just discovered the font choices. Woo hoo!  I LOVE different fonts. There are lots of different color choices for fonts too. Oh baby! I am going to LOVE THIS! Of course, I am ‘winging it’ without reading directions or learning what does what before I start, but that’s just me. 

So, thank you Suzan, for pointing me in this direction. I love computers and I will be forever grateful. Everyone have a wonderful, blessed, and God appreciative day!

Be blessed! 




Amelia said...


New things to try...

Carla said...

Okay, you're going to have to walk through this,too, as I consider you my personal techie! I read about it on Suzan's blog and thought, "I'll just ask Michelle to help me"! If you will help me, let me know when you a time to give me some pointers. I love that you have the ability to use different fonts, too.

Suzan said...

I knew you would love it!!

Vicki said...

Oh wow, you're a real techie:-) Love the font. And thanks for your kinds words today. {hugs}


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