Sunday, April 5, 2009

Home, Tired, and Happy

louie 001

My sweetie is home. He played pool until after 2am, this morning, and didn’t get to bed until almost 3am.  He got back up and was back down to the River Center to collect the team’s winning check by 8:30am.  He was a tired boy when he got home around 10am this morning. He tried hard to stay awake to keep my company, but he played too hard over the last four days and nights, and tiredness got the best of him. He went downstairs to his favorite chair, and now the tv is running and my sweetie is snoring.  Ah…the sight of my baby back home, and the sound of his snoring is just the most beautiful sound I can imagine right now, and that makes me content and happy.

Marriage Takes Three

I once thought marriage took
Just two to make a go,
But now I am convinced
It takes the Lord also.

And not one marriage fails
Where Christ is asked to enter,
As lovers come together
With Jesus at the center.

But marriage seldom thrives
And homes are incomplete
Until He’s welcomed there
To help avoid defeat.

In homes where Christ is first,
It’s obvious to see,
Those unions really work,
For marriage still takes three.

Author Unknown

I’m glad you’re home, honey. I missed you!

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Amelia said...

Seems like your home is complete now with Louie being home...even if he is asleep.

Julie said...

That is so cute!! I am sure he is going to love that he is now famous!! Louie's nap with be the new internet phenomenon lolol
Although it does make me wanna go take a nap!

Kristie said...

I so glad he is home, I know how bad you missed him!

Lori said...

Still shots just don't do this situation justice. We need a video with sound effects!

Hazel said...

Poor fellow ,he must have been exhusted .The world just seems right when you look at that picture .

Webmaster said...

That picture is so sweet. He is such a good, loving, hard-working man! Hang onto him, babe! said...

I forgot to comment on the poem. So true. Thanks for posting it.


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