Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Good Day Junkin’!!!

Louie and I went junkin’ today. We had not gone in a long time, and the last few times we did go, we did not get much. I felt very blessed at what I found today.  I found a pretty yellow/fruity apron, which I think I will wear when I use my quilting machine/frame, movies, Singer sewing machine accessories (green box), a Home Interior cross, a Singer Zigzag attachment with 6 different zigzag patterns that fit inside the attachment (next to the movies), embroidery floss, FABRIC (YAY!!!), and a Sugar Cookie scented Gold Canyon candle. The candle smells like Creme Soda pop to me! I have never had a Gold Canyon candle, so I am very excited to see how this one melts (I don’t burn mine, I melt them) and how long the scent lasts. The embroidery floss will just be added to my collection of floss.

stuff 025

I just LOVE the red and white fabric, and I am thinking making a quilt using this fabric, and some of my black and white fabrics I have in my stash would be very striking. The purple floral fabric is nice too.  Do you see the black attachment that is on top of the red and white fabric? That is an OLD OLD zigzag attachment for a straight stitch only sewing machine.

stuff 028

The movies I found were:

  1. Never Been Kissed,
  2. What Lies Beneath,
  3. Anne of Green Gables (the continuing story),
  4. Elizabethtown,
  5. Antwone Fisher,
  6. Little Black Book. 

I think I may have already seen Never Been Kissed, and  maybe even What Lies Beneath, but the others I have not seen, and I am looking forward to watching them. I paid $2.38 each, so if I do already own those two, it’s not a big deal. We RARELY go to the movies, so this is a treat.

stuff 026

Tomorrow, I think Louie and I will be KRUZN down the highway soaking up the sun and enjoying the wind in our face, so you all have a wonderful Sunday, whatever you do.

 Be blessed!


 Add Bear Essentials I can do


Kristie said...

You found some super good stuff!! I guess junkin has its good days and bad days. Will those attachments work on some of your machines that you have in your collection?

I think a red, black and white quilt would be very nice. The red would really make it POP!

Amelia said...

Looks like some pretty good bargains - fun wasn't it.

Enjoy your ride today on the bike.

Winona said...

Looks like you found some good bargains. Have fun today, cruising. (grin) Winona

Hazel said...

You did good girl ,love the fabric ,hopefully those attachments will fit one of your machines .Enjoy your ride today .

Carla said...

What, no pillow shams? :)

You always do so well thrifting. I was lucky last Saturday and found an office chair at a thrift store practically brand new for $15! I've been wanting another one to use with my Featherweight table so that I wouldn't have to keep borrowing the one I use with my Janome.


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