Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another AWESOME Movie!

Louie and I just watched the movie ‘Antwone Fisher’, and gave it 5 starts and 4 thumbs up. I know, all of you are thinking, ‘but that movie came out in 2002!’ Well, yes, we are a little behind in ‘what’s current’ in movies, but we loved it just the same. This is one I could sit down and watch over again very soon.

WOW….and in case you don’t know, it was written by Antwone Fisher himself, and based on his life. What a strong person he turned out to be.  If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you find a copy of it and watch it. You will be blessed.


be blessed,


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Kristie said...

Oh, I just LOVE that movie!! I could watch it a hundred times and never tire of it!

Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

How funny, you sound like me. I see them after they have been our forever. Have a good weekend.


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