Friday, June 19, 2009

Storms, Laundry, and a Movie

I didn’t make any plans today, because earlier, it was raining, and thunderstorm warnings were out, with promises that storms would pop up several times during the day, bringing high winds, and possibly hail, and reminders from television anchors telling of what damage storms had already done yesterday, or earlier today, and I just didn’t want to end up being ‘sucked up’ by a tornado, and deposited in Kansas (Auntie Em! Auntie Em!) like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  The only place I really wanted to go today, was the chiropractor, so I called and made an appointment for tomorrow morning, when the weather promises to be perfect, and stayed home. 

Instead, I started my laundry, and popped in one of the ‘Goodwill’ movies I recently purchased.

laundry bear

Let’s talk about my memory. I don’t have one.  The only memories I have are from (unfortunately) traumatic events that have occurred during my life, or from very very happy occasions (I will NEVER forget my sweet Louie). Everyday happenings, and non-important things, just do not stay in my memory. I wish they did, but they do not. Often times, people will say to me, ‘Remember when……blah blah blah…”…nope, don’t remember, sorry.  Sometimes I think in my very early years, when something bad happened, I must have trained my brain to brush every day happenings aside and move on, and ‘bury’, or ‘discard’ life’s unpleasant events to protect myself.  But anyway…..

Little black book

I watched the movie ‘Little Black Book’ today.  I remember seeing the previews, and I remember seeing the dvd at Sam’s for $19.99, and thinking I didn’t want to pay that much for it, but I don’t remember ever watching it.  Evidently, I had. So as I started watching it, parts of it seemed vaguely familiar. I kept thinking, ‘I think I remember seeing this’. As it turned out, I HAD seen it, but having the memory (or not) that I have, MOST of it seemed new again. I guess that’s the beauty of having no memory. They say everything in life has a positive side. I guess the positive side to this ‘not remembering the movie’, is I ENJOYED it the second time, as much as the first time, and since I don’t remember anything, everything OLD will always be NEW to me again.

So now the laundry is done, except for folding a few pair of socks, I watched an enjoyable movie, and it didn’t storm like it was supposed to, but storm warnings are out, and I’m just going to stay PUT! Maybe when Louie comes home, we can watch another movie I’ve seen before.

Hope your day is as wonderful….be blessed!



ps…it stormed after my original post, and here is my very first EVER youtube video. Louie drives in the driveway near the end.


Amelia said...

Thought about you this morning when the weather men were talking about the storms that could happen in your part of the glad to hear none of them materialized.

It is hot and humid here - just sucks the strength out of you - that is if you are out in it very long.

Enjoy this weekend - and may all your memories be pleasant ones.

Suzan said...

Girl - you've got some gutter issues!! :)

KyQuiltlady said...

Now that is a cool video! Didn't know Louie could run so fast. LOL I hate to descover a stopped up gutter when it rains that long and that hard but it is always when you find out.


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