Friday, June 5, 2009

A Quilting Angel

About two weeks ago, I put out a plea for someone—anyone-- to point me in any direction to find a quilt pattern that looked like this:

Hobby Lobby 007_thumb

I even emailed a couple people that had used the pattern themselves, (via blog hopping, and my Google images search)but one did not respond, and the other one admitted she had the pattern, but did not offer to help me. (Sigh!)

So just a few minutes ago, I received an  email from an angel who’s name is John, with a link included for a ‘Shadowstar’ pattern, which is paper pieced. (CLICK HERE) It is not EXACTLY what I want, but darn close!!! I think I can make it work, and if I can’t, I would bet that I have a few quilting friends who CAN! 


I don’t know yet if John is a blogger, but if he is, I will certainly point you in his direction. If he isn’t, since he says he is an avid quilter, I sure hope I can encourage him to start a blog and share his quilting with us. We would love to hear from him!

Sew John, I just wanted to tell you thank you, thank you, thank you. I would love to hear from you again.  God Bless you very much!!!! Thank you so much for searching for the pattern for me.

 be blessed,


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Kristie said...

How nice!!! I do love that pattern! Are you going to start on it soon???

Amelia said...

Michelle, that is wonderful to get the pattern or at least one very similar. Have you done much paper piecing in the past? What color combination are you going to select?

Have a joyous weekend.

Anonymous said...

Ok my goof is what mesed up the return email addy I left, my keyboard hates double letters & numbers sorry, its JT3119@YAHOO.COM
My name is John & I live in South Mississippi, am an avid quilter also love to read your blog from time to time. feel free to drop me a line anytime.


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