Friday, July 31, 2009

Well Crap….or Not, for a day!

Remember when Louie and I worked on our toilet, and I was so proud I was tooting my own horn? Gee, that was exactly one month ago to the day, then, it just decided to DIE.

Evidently, when we fixed it, it was having problems, but I didn’t really recognize it as a problem.  There was some water in the ceramic tank, underneath the air tank, but I thought that was probably pretty normal, since I hadn’t had the lid off the tank for probably…years. I soaked up all the water so that it was all dried out again, and put the lid back on.  It worked great for almost a month, then on Thursday, I noticed the flush sounded pretty weak. I took the lid back off, and there was about twice the amount of water in the bottom as before.

I got out my manual, and did some research on the internet about troubleshooting for the Flushmate system, and read that if the air tank has even a small pinhole, or the seam is leaking, that ‘YOU SHOULD TURN OFF THE WATER, AND FLUSH TO EMPTY THE AIR TANK, TO AVOID DAMAGE TO THE PORCELAIN TOILET, AND TO AVOID PERSONAL INJURY’. Well, gee, that scared me! A month ago, when we fixed the handle, I emailed Flushmate and asked if they could send me the original clips for the flush rods. The gal there tried several times to help me, but she said she could not find any information on my toilet itself. The air tank system was not the problem she was trying to identify, but to match the toilet itself with the system. She finally told me she gave up, and she couldn’t help me. I figured, ok, the key rings are working fine, no big deal. When I looked at replacing the Flushmate air tank system, the price was about $135, but how could they give me the right one if they couldn’t match it to the toilet? We bought this toilet originally, from Menards. None of the home improvement stores carry that type of toilet anymore. I couldn’t even find any place that did, to buy another of the same type. Louie and I talked about it, and we decided to go back to the gravity type toilet, but this time, we would get a taller toilet (we are getting older, you know, and our backs are getting weaker!). …so today, I went to Lowe’s and bought a Kohler Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated One piece 16 1/2” seat height toilet. I sure hope it can do the job! It didn’t cost me the $533 list price on the link I provided, but it was the best toilet they had in the house, and it was rated 5 STARS (the best in their ratings) so I bought it. Tonight, Louie and I installed it, and Louie’s sister supervised.005 007 008 001             010                                                   So long, old friend! You ‘served’ us well!004 

So, did Thomas Crapper actually invent the toilet? What do YOU think? Click HERE to find out!             thomas-crapper                                     Ta ta for now!  I better go to bed. I’m a tad bit ‘behind’ in my sleep.                toilet_training                                     THE END!


Be blessed,



KyQuiltlady said...

I hope that toilet last as long as the other one. Seems like Lionel is all the time fixing something in the back of ours.

Gina said...

Well that's not a post i expected. LOL
Glad you are all sorted out now.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Suzan said...

Everything else around my house may be falling apart or not working but at least the toilet works!! Hope you enjoy the new throne!

Amelia said...

Just the way you wanted to spend your hard earned a new toilet. One of the perils of owning your own home - but better than paying rent.

Enjoy your weekend...going junkin?

Hazel said...

Pluming problems have to be the worst .You both did a fine job installing it .

Candace said...

Now your bathroom is styling.


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