Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dave and Judy

Last summer, Louie and I were out on our motorcycle, and we stopped at a Goodwill store in Bettendorf. We were getting back on our Goldwing, and a man and a woman approached us. They asked us, “Are you Louie?’ then “Are you Michelle?” Louie and I both looked at them, wondering where we had met them before, and we both came up blank. They introduced themselves as ‘Dave’, and ‘Judy’.  (Please note, these are NOT actual photos of them. I don’t HAVE an actual photo of them, do I Judy?)              davehalls  photo_JUDY5

Dave and Judy were delightful to talk to, and they introduced themselves as ‘Gary and Carol’s friends. They had been reading my blog, and from pictures on my blog, they recognized us. We had met Gary and Carol a year or two prior, when some friends of ours bought a motorcycle from them. (Sadly, our friends didn’t keep the motorcycle, but we met some REALLY nice people during the process!)

Over the last year or two, Judy and I have exchanged a few emails, and Judy has emailed telling me they saw us on our motorcycle heading for a Goodwill, while they were heading for ‘Culvers’ for ice cream.

This afternoon, Louie and I took a little motorcycle ride. We ended up at a Goodwill (ARE YOU SURPRISED?????)in Clinton.  As Louie parked the bike, I heard someone say, ‘Hey! It’s a Louie and Michelle sighting!’ I turned my head and saw a woman smiling at us, and my confused mind was saying ‘Ok, why don’t I recognize her?’ Louie was saying ‘Well, Hello!’, and I was still confused until I saw Dave. For some reason, (PROBABLY BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A PHOTO OF DAVE AND JUDY), I did not recognize Judy at all. (Was her hair longer? Why didn’t I recognize her? I’m not sure!) I did remember what their car looked like, but it didn’t look the same to me.  I think I looked something like this:                                                       Add Smiley I Wonder

Their car WAS different, I found out. It was delightful visiting with them. They are just the sweetest couple. I am so glad we met again.

Blogging has been fun. I have ‘met’ people and talked to them through emails, and I have never (and may never) meet them face to face. Then there are some, who DO NOT comment, who read, and who I will never know about, but there are those like ‘Dave and Judy’, who do cross paths, and it is just the most wonderful feeling in the world.

So what did we find at Goodwill today? Well, nothing exciting. A couple plastic serving utensils, an old set of tupperware measuring cups, a dvd (Elizabethtown), an Orange coffee cup, and Louie bought a blue Mag light flashlight that was frozen up with corroded batteries, and a fish filleting knife. Of course, you don’t have to wonder if the flashlight works or not….it does. He had to drill holes in the batteries to pull them out of the chamber, then he had to clean the battery chamber. He wrapped a dowel with sandpaper, attached it to a drill, somehow, and polished it clean. It’s like new now…for a cost of $2.38, and new batteries.

So, Judy and Dave, it was GREAT running into you again. I hope we meet again soon. It WOULD be REALLY nice if I had a photo of you two (I PROMISE not to put it on my blog) so I could look at it and let it etch itself into my senile mind, so the next time I see you, I won’t have that ‘Deer in the headlights’ look again. 

frazzle                                Did you notice?



Be blessed,



Amelia said...

Just never know when or where you will run into friends...this was a wonderful time to do so.

Have a great week!

KyQuiltlady said...

You never know when we might meet at a Goodwill, I go a lot. LOL Would be nice to meet. That is such a cute little girl.

Lori said...

Was that you aws a little girl??? What a cutie! Gotta love those curls!

We haven't forgotten about our ride, just haven't found the time yet. I haven't even flipped the calendar to September yet. I think I'll stay in denial a bit longer. August us all I can handle right now. :{

pollyanns said...

Thanks for the ideas, Michelle! I wish I could say that was a featherweight in that little case, but, alas, it is a film projector.... sorry to say. If you stop by, I'm usually there on Thursday's... Make sure you introduce yourself.


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