Monday, August 10, 2009

My Black Singer 301

Louie stopped the mailman from taking my machine on his truck this morning, and he picked it up at noon. The box was all smashed, and this is all the packing that was in the box. The case was allowed to basically rattle around inside the box. The sewing machine was inside the case, with two little pieces of bubble wrap between the front of the machine, and the lid of the case. All the contents were just free to jump about at will….and they did. It’s quite evident that she has not shipped many, or any, sewing machines before.       013

Here is a shot of the back side of the machine on the left hand side. This machine was perfect when it was listed on eBay.            001

This is a shot of the back side of the machine on the right hand side, behind the needle.004

This scrape is on the machine frame, below the machine bed in the back. Basically, all the damage was done to the back. There were two metal cans of oil inside the case. They just rattled around inside the case at will. The motor end of the machine was drenched in oil when Louie took it out of the case. We still haven’t figured out how the manual didn’t get any oil on it.                                       003

This piece of wood was broken off. 006

The rod that the machine foot control cord wraps around was ripped off the back of the case.009

The front looks fine, and I guess that’s what’s the most important.012                                        Here are a couple of the before pictures. You will see how nice it was before she packed it. (Click to enlarge the pictures.)  We are working with the seller to come to some kind of agreement on a settlement. She said she was very sorry, that she guessed she rushed packing it, and would take it back, and give us a full refund, but I really don’t want to give up the machine.


before case                                       UPDATE: The seller was very gracious, and we came to an agreement. Now it’s up to Louie to perform his miracles, because I’m keeping it.


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Zarina said...

Did the price comes with shipping? Usually, that is very high. I'm sorry about the state of the Singer which reminds me I need to get my mum's Singer fixed as a standby to my Janome MC6500.

Hazel said...

Oh Michelle you must have been heart broken when you opened the box .Thank God the owner was honest and you could come to a agreement with her .Give Louie a few days to work his magic , I bet he'll have it good as new .

Gina said...

What a terrible shame but I'm sure that Louie will soon have it looking as good as new for you.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Suzan said...

Oh, Michelle - I know how excited you were about getting this machine. I hope Louie can make it work for you!

Carla said...

That's really too bad about ypur machine but I know that all will be well. Aren't the 301's wonderful? I have my eye out for a good deal on one, too. There's just something about those old Singers that makes me happy!


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