Sunday, August 30, 2009

Smith Corona 1949

Yesterday Louie and I went junkin’. I brought home an old ‘portable’ typewriter in a case for $8. I used to have one that was larger, and I donated it back after several years. I had regretted that a few times after the fact, so when I found this one, I had to have it. No, I won’t use it, but it will sit in my office just like this.006                                           It has the instruction manual, and inside the front cover, was handwritten, Date purchased: 1-27-1949 Price $91.26, then serial number and name of the lady who purchased it. On a separate piece of paper was written the name of the company, phone number and address where it was purchased. 328 Harrison Street, Davenport, Iowa. Wow….$91.26 is a lot of money now, can you imagine how much that must have been in 1949? It must have been very, very special to this lady.  Aren’t the keys beautiful? 002                                        I am using the case as a ‘riser’ for my digital scale… 008                               …and to balance things out.010                                My other ‘find’ was this shoe box full of hand crocheted doilies. Anyone care to take a stab at guessing how many there are? Not sure what my plans for these are yet, but I’m sure I’ll think of something!003                                        I can’t even imagine the number of hours someone spent crocheting these. My guess is that some sweet elderly lady in a nursing home, or her own home, for that matter, whiled away the hours crocheting. I imagine this same sweet lady has probably gone home to meet Jesus, and her family just did not appreciate her efforts. How sad.004                                      As much as I love doilies, I couldn’t grab the box any quicker than I did, and when I did, I held onto it for dear life, looking right and left and over my shoulders to see if anyone was trying to ‘pounce’ on me and knock me down to steal them away from me. The box even included some thread from which doilies were made.                005

So today, Louie has gone golfing with ‘the boys’, and I am flying solo. I’m taking my ipod, and going ‘junkin’! Woo hoo! The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the birds are singing, and I’m not going to waste the beautiful day that  God has given me. Tomorrow it’s back inside the windowless factory and I’ll miss the sunshine, so today, I’m taking it all in.  I can’t wait to see the treasures that await me today. Maybe there won’t be any, but I won’t know until I look!


Hmmmm…wonder what I will find.



Be blessed,



MJ said...

I love your "finds". I think the littel doilies are pieces to be joined for a bedspread (if they are all the same). I have a big box of squares in ecre that a friend found at a thrift store for me. I hope to get them joined as there are enough for a double bed. Have fun today!


Hazel said...

Wow thats some typewriter ,those dollies captured my attention there so delicate looking I agree I think they are to be put together for a bedspread .It's to bad the younger generation does not appreciate all the time and love that has been put into hand crafts ..But on the other hand they have fell into your hands ,someone who appreciates them , I bet the owner would be proud to know you have them .

Amelia said...

Woonderful finds on your junkin trip.

Do you crochet? I don't, always thought I would learn from my mother - but was something I just never got around to learning. She joined God in Heaven when I was in my 20's.

Take care - may this week be filled with lots of good times!

KyQuiltlady said...

Very nice typewriter, looks like one I got for Christmas one year. It was used but I was so proud of it, burned when the house burned. I love the dollies. I would say made for a bedspred or maybe a table cloth. Probably around 30 of them.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Michelle find some pretty florals - fat quarters will do. Cut squares, then blanket stitch each doily in the center. Alternate with solid blocks also with doilies blanket stitched. Or sash with a solid. I made a quilt like this with antique ladies handkerchiefs and it is stunning! blessings, marlene

Gina said...

I agree with MJ. Those doillies are just crying out to be attached and made into a throw. they are lovely

Love and hugs Gina xxx


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