Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Light Bulb Moment

Well, Duh! This morning, I went downstairs to start putting things away from quilting Louie’s quilt, and to tear the frame down.  As I was taking it apart, somehow, I approached it differently than I normally do. Usually, the first thing I do is remove my sewing machine from the frame, and when I set up the frame, putting the sewing machine on the frame is the LAST thing I do. 

(The old way) When I set the sewing machine on the carriage, I hold my sewing machine on my left forearm like a big purse, pull it up and hold it against my chest, lift the left side of the rear roller with my right arm, let the machine down a little so I can guide the roller through the arm of the machine, lift the machine back up,  set the machine on the carriage, put the left end of the roller back into the slot, then try to get the machine situated on the carriage and non-slip mat…not an easy task.

I am usually standing at the rear side of the frame when I start tearing it down, the same place as where I put the machine on the carriage. This morning, I was on the front side. Don’t ask me why. I think God put me there so he could whack me on the head and say, ‘Here, do it this way…it’s much easier!’

Today, the first thing I did was remove the front and middle roller and put them on the floor….well, here…I took pictures as I tore it down, so I am going to show you pictures in reverse, so you can see how I am going to set it up from now on….the easier way!

Here you see the two end pieces and both of the frame rails.            401 016                                        I attach one end of my frame to one end of the first frame rail.     401 015                                        Then I attach the other end of the frame to the other end of the same frame rail.401 014                           Next, I slide the threaded rod on the end of the frame rail down into the slot on both ends of the frame ends.  If you look in the next picture, the wooden braces that are attached to the rail (the bottom end of the wooden braces) have female threads, and I insert male threads which has a knob attached to tighten and attach the second rail.  The knobs on top get tightened too.                        401 009                                        Next, I place the frame brace in the center of the rails. On the front side of this photo, (which is actually the rear side of the frame when the machine is on the frame), there are two big cuplike hooks that wrap around the rail. The threads go through wood on the brace, and tighten with wing nuts. The orange ‘wad’ you see attached to the brace leg is a heavy extension cord all wound up. I attached it to the leg so I would always know where it was, and to secure the plug ins at a central location so the cords would not run out of reach when going from one end of the rail to the other.                          401 008                                        Now here is where the new rule kicks in. I will from now on, next, set the machine carriage on the rails….401 007                                      …then set my machine on the carriage. There will be no strain on the back, and I can use both hands! (Look mom! Both hands!)401 006                                        Next I will add my handlebars, lamp, quilter’s cruise control, cord ‘loom’ and attach all the cords, plug them in, and take the machine for a ride down the rails to make sure the cords will not be pulled and bind on the cruise control wheel.401 004                                        Next, I will insert the rear roller into the slots on the frame ends, through the arm of the machine with ease. Oh, so much easier!401 003                                      I’m almost done, and all I have to do is put the middle and rear rollers on the frame, then I am ready to load a quilt!    401 002                                                  As this thought had not reached my brain until after I removed the rollers, I will have to show you a photo of the middle roller (top roller) and front roller (lower roller) with the quilt attached. I can’t believe I have been making it so hard on myself for so long!  Geesh!                  Friday 001                                        Now I’ll show you some of my other quilting accessories and how/where I store some of them. My Juki sits on top of my stereo cabinet, and is covered up with a cover when not in use.401 019                     My Cruise Control, lamp, cords, etc are stored in this cosmetic case which is stored in my fabric closet.401 010                       My fishing tackle box holds all of my frame quilting/sewing machine necessities.401 012 401 013                                My sewing machine carriage, and related parts are stored in a drawer in my old seed packet cabinet (thread and fabric cabinet).401 020                      I cover it up to keep it safe from harm.401 021                       My handlebars sit near the fabric closet door behind a chest and next to the end of my stack of suitcases (fabric storage).  I sure hope I can find them when I need them next. Somebody tell me where they are if I cry I lost them, as this is a new place.                     401 022                      The wooden frame pieces hang in the garage on big hooks, and the poles also hang on the wall of the garage on bicycle hooks, but they are not there now, so I can’t show you pictures. Sorry.

Oh, one more thing…my kitty got a new necklace when I was cleaning my office the other night. Doesn’t she look stylish? 401 001                                …and my concrete porch bear is all ready for Christmas!  401 023                                Have a great Sunday, and don’t forget to tell God that you love Him.  I do!

Be blessed,



 Jesus is the Reason for the Season


Amelia said...

The new blog layout is so pretty...really fits the season.

Isn't it strange how all of a sudden we discover a new way of doing something...then we wonder why we just discovered it glad you found a new way with your machine.

Have a great day!

Libby said...

You are one busy lady! I love the Christmas music! It is so heartwarming to take time and thank God for sending his son! Have a great "Lord's day"

Valerie said...

Oh I love your Christmas Theme! I am not there yet. We are in the wedding mode right now. I love how you organize things. You have really given me some great ideas for my new sewing room. It is actually a little den/dining room combination. The dining area will still be there but I am gonna turn the den part into a sewing area so I need to keep it neat. I love the tackle box idea! You are so smart!

KyQuiltlady said...

You make me tired just thinking about tearing down the frame but sounds like you got it organized. I doubt if I would quilt much if mine wasn't sitting up all the time. Just thankful for room to do it. I know sometimes it's not possible. I might check out the tackle boxes. I need something to get organized.

jillquilts said...

It sounds like it is a great plan and will definitely help with setting up and breaking down the frame. Woo hoo!!

And watching what you go through to set it up makes me grateful that I can leave my frame set up all the time! Lol

GailM. said...

I'm so glad you showed how this works. I don't have a frame, but it's good to see how it will all work if I ever get one.

Candace said...

Such a good post, I have a Juki and am hoping for a frame one of these days. I will keep this in mind for when I do. Do you like your frame, what brand do you have? Love the Christmas look of your blog.


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