Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Dresser!

Saturday afternoon, after all the quilting girls left, the ‘hunt’ was on for another dresser, as well as to unload another van full of ‘stuff’ TO Goodwill, from de-cluttering…(GOSH, that feels good to ‘let go’!)

I wanted an exact duplicate of the dresser I got last week, but I knew that was not possible, so I looked for something else that would work. I lucked out again! I found another vintage dresser, that was built well, but that needed some ‘love’. march quilting and dressers 019                                        Another great price….$44.95.        march quilting and dressers 022                                        The wood was scratched, and it definitely needed some help, but I was up to the challenge. (Notice the nasty scratches along the bottom of the dresser.)                   march quilting and dressers 008 march quilting and dressers 010 march quilting and dressers 011                                        Here is one of the drawer fronts, as it was when we got it home.march quilting and dressers 013                                        Here is my bottle of ‘magic’. (Shoe polish works VERY WELL too, if you don’t have Old English!)                    march quilting and dressers 026                                                After.                march quilting and dressers 014 march quilting and dressers 015 march quilting and dressers 016 march quilting and dressers 018 march quilting and dressers 028

The old sewing machine cabinet that was there in my last post is now at Goodwill, (we took it there today) and the dresser is filled with sewing machine accessories and sewing supplies, foot controls and manuals, and bags of ‘Works in Progress’ quilts. The bottom drawer is still empty!

I’m not getting a lot of sewing done, but de-cluttering is feeling wonderful.  I’m not done yet, but I have made a HUGE dent, and I love it! It feels great, and is restoring my ‘soul’.

Be blessed,





Amelia said...


You really lucked out in finding one that is so similar to the first cleaned up quite well with your special touch. This made me think I need one like that in my sewing will have to be on the lookout for one.

Have a great week!

Janera said...

Amazing what a little elbow grease will do, isn't it? I'm with you: decluttering is so good for the soul!

Karly said...

Wow! I cannot believe what that Old English did for you dresser! I have Old English furniture polish, but have never seen the scratch cover. It looks great! :)

You were very fortunate to find another dresser so similar. That's wonderful.

You and your quilting group look like you all had such a nice time Saturday. It's great to belong to a group! I loved the little flowers ...they are so adorable. I'm not that crafty! lol I wish I was though. I admire people who have the patience to do such work. :)

Kristie said...

I still can't figure out why your blog is not showing up in my Bloglines! Sorry, it is taking me a few days to comment on them.

I love Old English!!! That dresser looks amazing! You need to come and declutter here at my house.

Julie said...

Uhmmm Michelle can I borrow Louie!!! Let me see..I have a dresser needs refinished and I need a sewing table!! LOL You are so blessed my friend!! I can't wait till the yard sales start. Your post has given me the junkin bug!! Wait I have to declutter last years junkin......
Have a blessed week!!

jillquilts said...

Well, I can say that I have been decluttering a little at a time! :)

The new dresser looks fantastic!! Way to go!

Hazel said...

I see I'm not the only one , Kristie seems to have the same problem I'm having .The dresser looks great I'll have to look for that Old English scratch cover maybe it would work on my floor .

myletterstoemily said...

what a great find!

and you freshened it up

happy sewing,

Valerie said...

You find the most amazing things. Well I am back in blogland. I have surely missed you all. Hey I found Mom a cabinet finally. The other one didn't work. I am taking her this one on Sat. I will take pics for you. Thank you for your prayers. Please keep praying.

diamondstatecurlygurl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Michelle - I AM truly Blessed with my parents, all my family actually! I enjoyed reading about your dresser "finds" and de-cluttering, I have a lot to do around here and I needed the inspiration! God Bless! Tammy

Cathy said...

Hi again Michelle, I just left you another comment, and I forgot to tell you that my DD1 is a professional organizer with NAPO. Look up NAPO on the internet...means National Association of Professional Organizers. I also meant to say DD1 not DD2 is the major thrifter that sells. Both girls thrift though.


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