Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Organization

As you all know, I have NOT been quilting, but decluttering, organizing, and simplifying. Friday morning, I started out by doing laundry and working on a few odds and ends. First on the list, was modifying this lacy valance to fit on a rod, and fill the gap between the tv and the top of the cabinet. That required hemming it to the correct size,(and removing the makeshift straight pins) and correctly inserting the rod, which is held in place by two cup hooks screwed into the underside of the top.                   quilting purge 001                                        Next, I moved to the kitchen, and did a little rearranging in my little corner. I moved my little table to the corner, brought my office chair back upstairs, and moved my rocking chair to my office.  I also donated a little table with a drawer, and an office swivel chair, back to Goodwill.                 quilting purge 002                                        Friday, when Louie got off work, we took a drive to the Quad Cities to do some junkin, just to spend some time together, since he would be busy all weekend with pool tournaments. On the way there, I was talking to him about how I wanted to reorganize my quilting storage area, and get rid of my suitcases used for storage, because they were keeping me from knowing what I actually had. I told him I would like to find a nice dresser, or I was thinking about stealing one from him.

Well, guess what? The second place we went, I found one! It is vintage, and had a mirror that slipped down into brackets on the back of the dresser, but I did not want the mirror (which made it look more vintage), so we donated that back, bought the dresser, and removed the hardware from the back.  Saturday morning, Louie helped me take it to the basement, then about 9:30am I started working. quilting purge 013                                           I don’t know the manufacturer of this dresser, but it is HEAVY and built well, with SOLID wood everywhere, and dove tail joints. The top drawers are half the size of the bottom two drawers, and the bottom drawers look like each drawer is actually two. Perfect! I love it! I especially love the top drawers, because they remind me of my card file cabinet, which I keep my fat quarters in.             quilting purge 003                     (Card file cabinet)                fabric stash 004quilting purge 006                                  Of course, everything you buy used, usually needs touched up, so I worked my ‘magic’ (Old English and furniture polish). quilting purge 007                              Much better!                                  quilting purge 009 quilting purge 011                                        The top two drawers are filled with sewing machine accessories to different machines.quilting purge 029                                        The other four drawers are filled with fabric yardage, folded to fit the space, and stood up neatly for easy viewing upon opening of the drawers.              quilting purge 030 quilting purge 031 quilting purge 032 quilting purge 033                         I emptied several suitcases, and went through my plastic drawers, and organized the smaller pieces of fabric by colors, and labeled the drawers. The suitcases I did keep, are labeled with the contents, and filled with things less often used, or needed.quilting purge 026          quilting purge 025                                                       I even have enough room now to ‘park’ my cutting table in my closet!    quilting purge 018                                                       I am very pleased at how my dresser worked out for me, and how nice it looks! I am definitely going to keep my eyes open, and if I see another one just like this one, I am getting it.                   quilting purge 022                                It would be perfect to have two in this space, and to get rid of this sewing machine cabinet, which I only use for storage in the drawers.  I even took the arms off my chair so it would fit further under my other sewing cabinet.                                            quilting purge 023quilting purge 015       quilting purge 028                                                   A total of about 16 hours (a double shift) was spent on my project. I filled 5 suitcases and a tote with stuff I decided I could live without. Goodwill, here I come! 

Louie got home about 1:30 this morning (Sunday), as I was just finishing up. I went to bed at 2am, and got back up at 7:30.  Physically, I almost did myself in, but the pleasure of the organization feels SO GOOD!                     quilting purge 020                                I did not accomplish one thing today, and I was very tired all day, but tomorrow when I go to work, I can think of all I accomplished this weekend, feel the satisfaction, and dream all week of what I will accomplish this coming weekend…..after quilting, that is!

Be blessed,                                         Michelle



StitchinByTheLake said...

I just love getting organized and you did a great job! What a lucky find that dresser was, and just when you needed it. blessings, marlene

Amelia said...

Michelle, you were one busy woman with all those changes...looks fantastic...resting on Sunday was good for you...I want to look for a cabinet for may sewing room too...and one will come along as we start going to yard we have a new thrift store not too many miles away that we plan on checking out soon.

Have a great week.

Hugs from Oklahoma


jillquilts said...

You outdid yourself!! It looks fantastic!!! Love the dresser!!

Kristie said...

Sorry that it has taken me so long to comment on this, it didn't show up on my Bloglines list until now!!

You are so talented! You are really working hard on this organization stuff! Looks like you have some yummy fabrics in there too!

Have a great day sweetie!

Libby said...

That dresser looks wonderful! You always do such a great job with your organizing and decorating! Everything looks lovely!

Kathleen Grace said...

Getting organized feels so good and I love how your fabric storage worked out in the dresser! I would not have thought of displaying it like that but now I think I need a dresser to do the same thing:>)

Valerie said...

Wow. You have done a lot since I haven't been around. I don't know why, but I haven't been reading blogs until today. I am so impressed with your dresser. Looks great.

Anonymous said...

YOu have been a busy bee!!! I think everything looks great! You have a knack for displaying things sooo well.
Love ya
Have a blessed weekend!

Andrea said...

wow, you must be exhausted, but it looks fabulous!
I love your blog, I just signed up to follow it. Can't wait to see what new ideas and life stuff is coming up!

Marie said...

Your new to you cabinet looks great. Boy, you did a lot of work, but every thing looks so nice. Congratulations.


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