Sunday, May 16, 2010

$32 of FUN! Update.

Ok, so you know I’ve been scouting out and collecting vintage sheets. Lord help me when I start cutting them up! I found seven today, and a pillowcase.                  junkin 001      

I have also just recently become infatuated with the JUMBO rick rack, but so far, have not found an inexpensive source for it. Last week, I thought I had, and ordered three spools of it, but it ended up being smaller than I thought. I guess half inch means TOTAL width across (both the zig, AND the zag, not just one zig). That’s ok. I’ll use it. So now, my eyes search for any size rick rack. I found BABY rick rack today, (and even more seam bindings.) Anybody want the seam bindings?                     junkin 005    

I can’t believe my sweet Louie, who is always on the lookout for fabric for me, walked right past this two yard piece of cuteness! junkin 002     

 I also bought a new dress for my porch bear. She will be thrilled!              junkin 004    

I found the entire Second Season of Grey’s Anatomy for $6. This store charges $1 for one DVD, so since there are 6 DVD’s….$6.junkin 003             

McCall’s made a cookbook??? I thought McCall’s made sewing patterns! The book was printed in 1963, and I paid $1 for it. It is filled with lots of illustrations and good sense in the writing.junkin 006      

I know you won’t be able to see it, but there were a few recipes written just inside the cover, on one of the blank pages. The very first one was Chocolate Cake (Miracle Whip). Now, if you only knew how ironic THAT was! When I was just a little girl, and there were 7 of us children at home, my mom would have me make one of these cakes about every other day. It has been MANY MANY years since I have made one, so guess what I’m baking today? You guessed it!junkin 007

Now, where else could I have spent $32 and had so much fun?

I hope you are having fun this weekend as well.  It looks like it’s going to be a gloomy, rainy day. I know what I SHOULD be doing, but do you know where my heart is?

 Add Smiley Shopping Charge Card                                                  I think the thrift stores open at noon.  Wonder if I can talk my sidekick into going with me, or if I should just behave. (But, but, but…it’s back to the grind tomorrow!)

Be blessed and have a great Sunday!                Michelle



I behaved myself this afternoon. We stayed home, and I ripped 9 sheets into fat quarters. I got the idea on how to do it HERE. I watched two of the six discs of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ while ripping.  I had never watched it before today, and I have been enjoying it.

fats 004

What did you do today? (I didn’t make the cake like I said I was going to.)


Hazel said...

Good for you , were these goodies from Garage sales ? I found a old worn quilt, will see if i can do something with it this afternoon .TTYL I'm off to church .

Amelia said...

Sounds like you made a haul for the small amount of money spent...I am like you that I love to bargain shop.

Off to church - enjoy the day!


Lori said...

Sounds like a successful thrifty kind of day. A cookbook? So what are you cooking and when can we come??? :)

myletterstoemily said...

what treasures!! so happy for you.

Debbie said...

Just stalking your blog, friend. I have almost gotten into a quilt making mood just listening to you and looking at you 'schtuff'.:)

Anonymous said...

You are MY HERO!!! I just love it! You take sheets and make all that fabric!! I would of never thought of that. I think you did very well. I cant wait to see that made into something...the sheets sorta have a shabby chic feel to them. I love it! I like Grey's ...we are sorta hooked on it. we have joined net flix and we have been able to follow tv shows at our own pace. That makes it nice.
We had cake and ice cream for Kacy's bday. Lee had to break down and buy a new mower. I spent the weekend just piddling around the house with different projects.
Very glad you had a productive few days!! Hugzzz

That corgi :) said...

you found such great bargains! and at such reasonable prices! I didn't realize McCall's had published a cookbook either; that indeed was a find for sure!

(I drove home from vacation today :)


Valerie said...

Oh I loved this post. I only have 1 job today so I am planning on stopping at thrift stores today. What fun you had? I do have one question. How can you tell if a sheet is vintage? I WANT that dvd set! You got a great deal!

Michelle said...

@ Valerie. Actually, the two on the left side are not vintage. I just liked them! How do I know if they are vintage? Well, I remember some of them, from WAY BACK...and I don't know..I can just tell!

Janet said...

Looks like quite the finds for you! I remember sleeping on sheets like those! Love all the rick rack that's being used is things right now. I've got some, but haven't decided where to use it yet.
If you're looking for the super jumbo rick rack try going to my friends blog and find the link to her etsy shop. She's selling it there.

Alice Grace said...

Good finds! I love the little dress! I was kinda looking forward to seeing the cake tho! I must be hungry tonight!

Janera said...

How fun! I enjoyed vicariously shopping with you. (grin)

Be blessed!

Regina said...

Oh wow - I missed this post along the way! Awesomeness!!!!


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