Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Shelly!

My new friend Shelly is having a birthday this weekend. She put this video by Anita Renfroe on her blog, and I had to ‘steal’ it from her, because, boy, can I relate!

Shelly is a very sweet gal who is a daughter, a wife, a child of the King, a friend to many, and the mom to three energetic CUTE boys.  I love reading about her life and adventures. 

Hop on over, if you’d like,  and wish Shelly a Happy Birthday. I’m sure she would love to meet you too!

Enjoy the video. I did!

Happy Birthday Shelly!shelly                           (Shelly is the first one on the left.)


Be blessed and have a wonderful weekend!



myletterstoemily said...

happy birthday to shelley!
hilarious video!!!

Amelia said...

So cute and I can certainly appreciate each and every word in the song...because mostly they are describing me!

Enjoy your weekend!

Hazel said...

I can relate LOL love the song .

shelly said...

Oh THANK YOU Michelle! That was so made me tear all up! Glad that you enjoyed the video ;)


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