Monday, July 5, 2010


Again….we are 5 years behind in what’s new on the big screen, but we really enjoyed this movie too. Yep, another Goodwill purchase.

Proof (click for movie trailer)


Be blessed and have a great week.




jillquilts said...

I don't remember that one... I may have to check the library!

Karly said...

I remember when this was being advertised on tv. The trailer does look good though. I also am so behind on movies. :)

myletterstoemily said...

i read the article about the tragic
parade in iowa. did you know
any of those people who were
injured? how awful.

people forget what tremendously
powerful creatures horse are. i
grew up around them, and never
outgrew my respect of their strength.

thanks for sharing about the movie,
as i never have heard of it.


Valerie said...

I don't watch too many movies either. I want to. I guess I just have enough drama in my life. Love ya! Hope all is well.


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