Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Space and Treasures!

A few weeks ago, Louie and I bought a new bed. We wanted to make this purchase as economical as we could. We searched every avenue, and although it was a tiring journey, we scored.

bedroom 021

We found the King Sized Bob Timberlake headboard on Craigslist for $300. It is very nice. We ended up buying a California King (4” narrower and 4 longer than a traditional King) mattress set at Slumberland. It was a floor model, and we got it for half of the original price. We also could take it immediately, and if you know me well, I want things ‘yesterday’.


I originally started out with a comforter set from Big Lots, but I didn’t like it as well, because I like my quilts and comforters to go almost to the floor.

thrifting 003

I ordered this bedspread and matching shams from Penney’s. There is another set of pillows and shams on the bed too, but those were the ones I used before.

bedroom 2 004

I also bought a sheet set from Penney’s. All the pieces from Penney’s were half price. California King sets are impossible to find in a store, so to get us going, we bought an oversized set from Denver Mattress Company. They were very pricy, and I had to pay full price, but they are very nice sheets, so I didn’t mind that, once I got over the sticker shock! The quilt on the end of the bed is one I made a few years ago for a twin bed (oversized quilt). I have had the same color scheme in my bedroom for years, and I still love it. Yes, the wallpaper border is from JC Penney 14 years ago. The fabric border on my quilt is from a shower curtain or curtain panel found at the thrift stores, also a late JC Penney. It works. I bought my pillows, which were Simmons brand, from Big Lots for $8 each. They are very nice.

We picked up the little round table at Goodwill to put Louie’s CPAP machine on, and it has space underneath to store (and hide) the CPAP hose when not in use.

bedroom 2 003

I took a lot of stuff off the walls, filled the nail holes, touched up the paint, and donated the things taken down back to Goodwill.

bedroom 2 002 

I took a shorter dresser out and traded it for this taller dresser so I could put the tv on top of it, to make it higher, and easier to view….

bedroom 027 

…but that left me with a big open space in my armoire. I love this piece of furniture, and use the drawers, so I didn’t want to lose it, but was momentarily stumped as to what I should do with the space.

bedroom 028

After a bit of pondering, I decided it would be a good place for my hampers. One would be for regular clothes, and one would be for my work uniforms, but who wants to look at hampers of dirty clothes? It doesn’t have doors, so I had to find a solution.

bedroom 029 

I dug through my hiding spaces and found these. Know what they are? Two pillow shams. I took out a few stitches on one end of each one so I could slip a spring rod through, then I sewed two lines to make a sleeve for the rod. I sewed all the way around to make them hang straight, and I sewed down the opening on each one, where you put the pillow in. I think it works pretty good.

bedroom 014

bedroom 2 005

Yesterday, Louie and I went junkin’. Here’s what I found:

A blanket for the Queen size guest bed (the gold one) $4.38, a blanket for our King size bed $3.95, and a vintage sheet to make into fat quarters $1.38.

bedroom 024

Oh boy, you might have to enlarge this photo to see all my ‘junk’, but I found a lace valance, a box of Lang note cards, (14 out of 16 still there), a small Lang Calendar holder, a notebook for my friend Patty’s quilt frame instructions, a jar, a chrome accessory toolbox, a new container of BonAmi cleaner, a pillow case to cut into fat quarters, two vinegar shakers,(they are on the tables in Canada, we found out on vacation), two cookbooks (potluck and casserole), and a Singer sewing machine. I know, I know!….but how could I leave it there? I played with it a little bit. I think it belonged to a beginner seamstress, because it has magic marker on it instructing what things do, (stitch width, how to adjust tension, etc). The bottom is missing from it, so I don’t know what is up with that, but it seemed to sew just fine. I will have to play with it more when I have some more time, and it will be here in case someone needs to sew and didn’t bring their machine.

bedroom 022

…and last but not least, Louie found this little iron for me. So cute.

 bedroom 023

SEW, yesterday was a good day. We got our junkin’ fix in, then we came home and I got my new blankets and sheet washed, and the housework and the vacuuming done. Louie got the bushes trimmed, the peonies cut down, the porch power washed, and the lawn mowed.

He’s out playing golf now. I changed the bedding, put the new blanket on the bed, and now I am going to go try to get something accomplished.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Be blessed,




Amelia said...

The changes certainly made a lot of difference...looks great! Sometimes, we just need to make a change...we can live with something forever and then all of a sudden we hate it.

Have a fun week!

Regina said...

WOW - it looks great!! I like your solution to the big open space in that armoire - for a second I thought we were going to find it filled with quilts!! :-)

We still need to plan a vintage sheet FQ swap sometime!!

Hazel said...

I to thought you would fill the open space with quilts .Everything looks lovely .It seems to me the last time I was further in the USA ( not border towns ) there was only brown vinegar available in restaurants ( can't tell you how much I hate the smell of brown vinegar). Love the headboard on your new bed .

jmquilts said...

Great new bed & room re-do!!

Love seeing all your treasures. :)

jillquilts said...

Love the new bedroom set up! It looks awesome!

Karly said...

Love your new set for your bed! The headboard is really nice. Oh, I bet it sure is nice sleeping in a King bed!! It looks so huge in the picture. As always, you have such a beautiful decorating touch. :) You have such similar taste to my own.

Very ingenious what you did with your armoire. Creative lady, you are!! I also like to make the best possible use of all available space.

You sure did very well junkin'!! That was a good idea to have an extra sewing machine. You never know who might need to use it. I love the cute iron Louie found also. It looks really old.

I wish I lived near ya, and we could go junkin' together. :)

Libby said...

I LOVE your bed!! Beautiful! You really know how to pull rooms together!

orchidlover said...

Your bedroom looks fabulous.

Love and hugs Gina xxx


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