Sunday, September 5, 2010

De-Cluttering ---Part 1

I’ve been busy the last few weeks, de-cluttering my home. A few weeks ago, I changed our bedroom. It spurred me on to start doing the rest of the house. Last weekend, I worked on the living room. Here it is before.

Below are pictures of what it looks like now. The pictures are blurry, because I turned off the flash. I wanted the pictures to look as warm as the room did when I took them. I took a LOT of stuff off the walls, we hung our tv on the wall to give us more space, and moved a few things around. We gifted our entertainment center to some really good friends. (Thanks friends, for taking the ET off our hands!)

living room 003 living room 002 living room 004 living room 005 living room 006  living room 007 living room 008living room 009

The majority of the stuff on the bed, and cluttering our guest room in this photo came out of the living room. Scary, huh?

kitchen 001

It felt so good clearing out the living room, that Friday and Saturday, I worked on the kitchen. Post coming very soon!

Be blessed,



That corgi :) said...

all looks great!!! I am always for de-cluttering and downsizing!


Hazel said...

I've been trying to get DH to mount our TV on the wall since we got it ,yours looks great on the wall .I also love your cabinet you have your quilts displayed in .

orchidlover said...

Love how it looks now. Isn't it amazing how much you accumulate over the years that you feel you can't do without.
I decluttered a few months back and it was such a great feeling to get rid of it all

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Amelia said...

Lots of things are you don't miss them either...the look is more inviting.


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