Friday, September 10, 2010

Some Things Never Change…

…You take stuff to Goodwill, and you bring stuff home! Isn’t that the way it is supposed to work?

guest quilt 001

Yesterday, Louie and I went to the Quad Cities to take a load of ‘stuff’ to Goodwill and to deliver some very important State Pool Tournament papers. When we went inside Goodwill after we unloaded about 300# of ‘stuff’, I found this quilt. It probably came from one of those ‘big box’ stores (no tag, so I don’t even know what size it is) where they are $39.99 at the ‘most’, but I loved it. It is heavy, and hand stitched. It’s not quilt shop quality fabric, but I still love it. I think it looks good on the end of the guest bed, right where it is.

guest quilt 003 guest quilt 002 

We started our day yesterday with a visit from a nurse, to have a physical for a life insurance application. (Louie ‘thoroughly’ loved his blood draw…NOT. His blood ran like running water.) Me? Oh yes, I had to play ‘hard to get’, just like my usual self, and we had to resort to the ‘butterfly’ on the back of the hand….and then, she had to ‘coax’ it out. (Note to self: tell the drs office to put a note in my chart, and just use the darn butterfly so we can avoid trauma to the me AND THE NURSE!) Not painful at all, and no bruises!


After the nurse left, we went out for breakfast, then down to the Quad Cities. I didn’t get much sleep the night before, for some reason, and I could barely stay awake, so after delivering those important papers, we came home, and we both napped in our recliners for a few hours.


After my nap, I helped my sweetie with some computer issues, then I spent the evening watching Animal Hoarders on Animal Planet. This is one of the episodes I watched.


I like to watch the regular ‘Hoarders’ show, and I didn’t know about the Animal Hoarders show until I was flipping channels. Oh, I just don’t understand it, sweet Lord, I just don’t understand it, but I am just so curious, and have see how other people live. I know they think they are helping the animals, but…..

So here I am, up early again (5:25…darn all those years of having to get up at 4:30am), reading blogs, sorting pens out of my pen cup on my desk, and just ‘doing’.

What’s the plan for today? Only time will tell!

Have a wonderful day, and a great weekend!



Renea said...

I have to have the butterfly thing also as I don't like to let my blood leave my body. :) Love the quilt you found. Have a great weekend and enjoy your Anniversary.

shelly said...

Happy weekend to You Michelle!

I seriously live next to an animal hoarder...but their small dogs and you never see them...I can't even begin to imagine!!!

Oh Goodwill, how much I've missed you! I haven't been into one in months :(

Hazel said...

Love the quilt ,I'm trying very hard to stay out of thrift stores , but there is a big garage sale tomorrow I'm looking forward to .

Hazel said...

Oh my God I clicked on that hoarders link , how can people live like that .We don't get that show up here ,I don't think I would watch it anyways what little I see on the link made me sick .

Amelia said...

Love the pattern of the had a busy day - no wonder you both needed a nap.

I have watched the Hoarders show a couple of times...makes me ill to think that people live like sister is almost as bad...and I have a friend whose place is nearing that (according to her children) is definitely an illness.

Maybe I have the symptoms - considering all the stuff we bought while out hitting the yard/garage/estate sales today...but got some real bargains.

Have a great weekend.

That corgi :) said...

that is a very nice quilt! and you can't go wrong on getting quilts, never know when you might need to use them if electricity or heating sources go out in cold weather. never heard of Animal Hoarders, I'll have to check it out.

I'm one of those that have veins that literally pop out when they see a needle, (LOL). A nurse told me awhile back it was because I drank a lot of water, so who knows....

hoping you have a good weekend :)


Karly said...

You are absolutely give away and make room for more! Sounds about right :).

I love the colors in the quilt you bought. I love purple and that shade of green together. You surely got a deal!

They always had a hard time finding Jenn's veins also, and the last girl she went to put the tournicate (sp?) around her wrist. Easy as pie no problem!

We tape the hoarder show on dvr and last night we watched a few. Oh, my gosh! It makes me anxious just watching it! I feel bad for the poor children that live in it. It definitely is a mental illness I would say. Why would anyone live like that otherwise?

Tamera said...

The quilt is so pretty. I think you're right. It looks wonderful on the foot of that bed!


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