Monday, December 27, 2010


Some of us suffer the ‘blues’ during the holidays for one reason or another, and when we are ‘blue’, it’s hard to think of anything positive, feel that we are cared about, or even loved. We need to remember though, that there is always ONE person who loves us unconditionally, no matter what we have done, or where we are in our lives. When we hurt, God hurts for us. When there is no one else to go to, God always waits for us with open arms. Isn’t that wonderful?

I heard this song on the way home from work tonight, and I just wanted to pass it on, in case anyone else has been feeling like I have. It reminded me of HIS love, and how much I mean to HIM, even when I don’t feel worthy.

It also made me think of how HE must feel when we go about our every day life and don’t acknowledge HIM, or let HIM know that we love HIM.

HE always waits for us when we don’t remember to praise HIM, and I have to tell you, I think GOD must have MUCH broader shoulders than I do.

God loves you, and HE thinks


Be blessed,




Amelia said...

Yes, God knows our beauty---because he created us - and He does not make second rate people.

Libby said...

Michelle, You must be in my head Girl!!!! You are an answer to prayers this week!!!

Lori said...

Thanks for sharing this Michele.
You are beautiful girl!

Mildred said...

A beautiful video Michelle. Thank you and happy new year wishes to you.

shelly said...

I love this song! Thanks for sharing---and You, Michelle, Are Beautiful!

Carla said...

Thanks for the gentle reminder, Michelle. I, too, have been feeling a bit out of sorts this past couple weeks so really appreciate your message.


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