Wednesday, May 4, 2011

now really…REALLY?? Come On!

I USED to like getting the mail, but come on. Is it really necessary to get FOUR credit card offers from CHASE, one from Discover, an extended warranty offer from a place that would probably never honor it once someone bought it (YES….my husband who is a service manager at a Ford dealership has found many times that those ‘extended warranties’ were no good when the owner tried to use them, because of some kind of ‘loophole’), and an offer for Hospital insurance from AARP…all in one day? Oh, well, I did get a payment receipt from Dutrac, but I can’t complain about that one, I guess.

mail 016


Where do I go to ‘UN-sign’ myself from all these ‘wonderful’ offers?????? All this shredding is keeping my shredder and I busy!

I did spend a couple hours on Thursday when I was off work, signing up for automatic payments for all my utility bills because I wasn’t really happy when I got this:


It made us feel like we were ‘shirking our responsibilities’ and were being put in a much lower class of ‘non-caring’ society. It was due April 20th. Yes, I did forget to drop the payment in the box on the 20th, and since I don’t get off work until the office is closed, I couldn’t stop during the day. I dropped it off on the 21st at 5:45AM on my way to work, BEFORE anyone at the water department got to work. Notice the date they printed this reminder. April 21st.  Also note that they put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it, and mailed it to me, when they had ‘THE PAYMENT’ in their grimy little hands!!!!  I have been paying my water bill faithfully for over 35 years, and this did NOT make me happy. I wrote them a note and let them know I wasn’t happy, and Louie called them and told them what he thought too. We then decided to pay electronically, automatically. You can’t pay online. They don’t have the software, but you can sign up to have it taken out automatically. Maybe if they would save paper and stamps, check their payment box before they send out reminders, they could afford the software for that. Get out of the dark ages, for crying out loud!

On another note…if I seem scarce lately, it’s because my MEDICOM internet is NOT WORKING… more than it IS working. I have to leave my mail open 24/7 so I can get my mail when it DOES decide to work. I know I am missing blog posts because of this. I can’t keep up, so if you think I am neglecting you, I am not. The service man said there is a problem in OUR AREA, but they can’t find it. They know what is happening, but they can’t find the source. They say they are working night and day….uh huh. No one at Mediacom tech support knows there is a problem. Funny, huh? When the internet drops, 200 people lose their internet, but when you call to find out what is happening, they want to send a technician to our house. Louie had to explain to the tech lady about three times…’No, I don’t want you to schedule an appointment for me. I already talked to the repair man, and the problem is NOT at my house. I just want to know if it is getting fixed!’…but they don’t know of any problems in our area……………..strange….

Add Duh

Ok, I’ll get off my soap box and quit ranting now. Hope you had a wonderful day!!!!


Be blessed,

PS….I just found a website where you can opt out of having pre-approved credit card and insurance offers sent to you via snail mail for 5 years. I signed both Louie and I up. I need to give my shredder a rest! Click HERE is you want to opt out.

To opt out of junk mail to your email address, click HERE.  It’s good for 6 years.

If you don’t want nasty soliciting phone calls, go HERE to sign up for the ‘do not call’ list.


Hazel said...

I hear you thats all thats ever in my mail box lately .Don't ask me how ( we have an unlisted number ) but they phone every evening with the same sales pitch for credit cards .
I think I would ask your internet service for a rebate for all the days your service was not up and running .I had that problem once , I phoned them every single day I had no service ,in the end they rebated me on my bill .Why should you pay when your not getting the service .Thank God we get great service now with our new provider.

Renea said...

Our mailbox was like your today. If you figure out how to save some trees let me know and I will do the same. As for mediacom I am really tired of losing internet and phone plus I then get to listen to my mom complain about the phone also. Sorry to hear about the water bill. I wish I could pay water and electricity online also.

shelly said...

Gak---I hate junk mail almost as much as I hate dealing with utilities

orchidlover said...

It's no wonder people get themselves in so much debt when the companies are throwing credit cards at you. They've got to be careful over here about that as they can be fined.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Thanks for the links to opt out! Off to sign up!


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