Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Babbling

I went to use my camera this morning, and it told me the battery needed changing. Since it is a rechargeable battery and needed charged, Louie let me use his new camera. Here I am experimenting with it. Of course, he doesn’t know how NOT to act like a little boy most of the time (which is WHY I love him so much!). I was standing at the top of the basement steps, and this is after I called him for assistance.   

          madison 170

This one must have been with a flash, when it was really not needed. Who knows? I like the picture quality of his new camera, but am more comfortable with my old standby. Who knows though? With a little time though, his camera could be missing, and I won’t know where it it! (Hee hee!)

                madison 171

It’s storming outside right now. I hope it clears up, but not holding my breath. (Pictures taken though the full glass back door)

                         madison 164

                  madison 163

I went back downstairs to play with my little Green Singer 285J this morning. I have had the machine for several years, and realized I had never cleaned, oiled, or even sewn with it. Boy, it sure needed it. After I got it cleaned and oiled, I tested the tension and did my trial sewing. I made a few adjustments, then just sewed lots and lots of stitches to get the oil all soaked in and everything loosened up. (I sew on paper towels. It saves fabric!)

                  madison 162

I have to disagree with THIS machine collectors review of the Singer 285J.  It does vibrate a little, but the mechanism is going back and forth, not around and around like most other machines. The vibration is not bad at all. Maybe his machine needed some TLC and some oil. This machine is different and unique, and just a reason for me to love it even more. Louie fabricated some new ‘feet’ for it too. For such a little machine, it weighs a TON!

                 madison 160

I sewed a little project on it this morning. A few weeks ago, while we were junkin’, I found this little ‘two pocket pouch’. I do not know where it came from, or what it attached to, but I decided it would make a great little pouch to put our cell phones in while we are in the car.  I added a little strap of fabric and sewed buttons on it so I could close it inside the glove compartment door. (Click photos to enlarge)

                  pouch 001

                  pouch 002

My other news, is that yesterday, Louie and I got to meet Amy and her husband Joey, from ‘Not Always With Thread’.


What a sweet couple! They were in the area for some family business, and she emailed me, wanting to know if we could meet. We spent about 3 hours together visiting. We met at Joann’s, went to the DAV Thrift store, then went to Panera Bread for lunch. Louie and I had never been to Panera Bread before, but OMG, is it good! We will definitely be going back! Yum!!!

                      panera bread

So now, if only the weather would straighten out…..SIGH…..I don’t ‘sit’ very well. Gotta be going, and doing…..something! (who knows? I just might find another sewing machine to ‘fix’.)

Hope your weekend so far has been wonderful.

Be blessed,





StitchinByTheLake said...

I don't sit well either Michelle. Of course, right now I'm beginning the packing for our mission trip plus I had grandchildren last night so I've had plenty to do. Have a great holiday! blessings, marlene

shelly said...

Hope that the weather has cleared up for you now...we're still gloomy and you're our only hope of passing on some sunshine! Come on IA, share the love!

Val said...

I LOVE Panera Bread too! You have to tell me what you got. We mostly go there to get breakfast. I LOVE their spinach souffle's (spelling! And how fun to meet a fellow blogger!! Love the little sewing machine too!

Jules said...

This is so funny! Great writing, friend. :)

I love Panera too. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Russ and Louie are so alike! =D

Panera is where my daughter works. She just got promoted to catering coordinator. =)

Candace said...

I love the paper towel idea, hadn't thought of it. Also love Panera's.

Amy said...

I had a great time!! I am glad you liked Panera,it is a nice place to eat and sit and relax. hope next time we come to town we can get some junkin/thrifting done too. I had to stop in Iowa City on our way back.. I forgot to get U of I fabric for my dads pillowcases..I love the sewing machine ya got pretty green.


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