Sunday, May 22, 2011

..…Ummm..…it followed me home?….

401 again 005

401 again 006

401 again 007

401 again 004

Well, I found another 401a while out junkin’ yesterday. It was sitting under the linens rack at Gooodwill, weeping, because it was dirty, and rusty, and disheveled. What else could I do? I couldn’t leave a lady in distress!!!

The cord, foot control, and all of the attachments were thrown in a bag, which was tied around the handle of the lid. Most of the attachments had rust on them, some very rusty, some, not so bad. I can only imagine where this lady spent the last few decades. In a garage? A wet basement?

I cleaned the attachments up with vinegar, and scraped the rust with the blade of a screwdriver, then scrubbed them with a scotchbrite. Then, I ‘seasoned’ them with WD-40. Yes, they are still pitted, but functional, and look so much better. The plastic attachment case was horribly dirty. So dirty, it had to go through the dishwasher.

The lid before…..

401 again 001

Can you see the ‘clean’ circle in the middle? Just beginning to scrub it.

401 again 003

Click the picture below. See the nicotine just under the dirty bobbin wheel near the hand wheel? There was nicotine on a lot of the surface, but she’s clean now. The bed of the machine has ‘freckles’. Not sure what causes that yet. I have seen a few other machines with ‘spots’ on it like that. Maybe it’s ‘age spots’. This machine is about 55 years old. I know I have age spots, and I’m not 55……yet!

401 again 002

The lid….all better……

401 again 004

…and the machine? See how much cleaner the bobbin winding wheel is? It was dark brown before. Now it is tan.

401 again 005

I removed the motor, and Louie went over it and cleaned the brushes, polished the armature and removed the old gunky grease. He also made four new ‘feet’ for the bottom. The only thing I have left to do is test sew with it. She is lint free, clean and oiled…and happy.

Update: I test sewed with my 401A, and got perfect stitches, without any tension adjustments on the top or bobbin. She sews like a dream!

machines 008

Yesterday, I spent the day with my sister. We went out for lunch, then we went to see the movie BRIDESMAIDS. HILARIOUS! My face hurt from laughing so much. I think I might have to own this one someday.


Hope your weekend was wonderful!

Be blessed,





Amelia said...

Oh happy got to restore another machine to almost the original beauty...I know it was work- but so much fun too. The finished result indicates that.

Have a great week!

StitchinByTheLake said...

A likely story Michelle! Admit love those machines. :). Blessings, marlene

Hazel said...

With a little hard work and elbow grease you've turned another one into a special jewel .Enjoy

mlcquilts said...

Bless you for taking care of this machine. It looks like one my mother had which I got when she passed. I loaned it to my daughter and it was stolen from her garage. Glad this lady is now safe.

Jules said...

You have an uncanny ability to find these! How funny!!

Renea said...

Love the new background. Enjoy your LONG weekend. Me, I am off to work today.

Candace said...

Wow, what a transformation. You and Louie work miracles on those old neglected machines. I love the cabinets that you've done, too. Wish you were my best friend next door neighbors, I'd give you a hand and beg a cabinet, lol.


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