Sunday, June 19, 2011

‘Lavender Lady’ Kenmore Model 50

kenmore 50 009

I couldn’t help myself. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! (If you’ve stopped here before, you know that I changed the title, and added the word ‘Lady’, since ‘Lady’  is what I saw each time I looked at it, instead of Lavender.)

kenmore 50 002

kenmore 50 004

kenmore 50 003

Yesterday, Amy from A Quilting Sheep and A Redeemed Sheep and I went junkin’ in the Quad Cities. We saw this machine in a cabinet, and I refrained from buying it. Mind you, I have only seen this model and color a few times in my ‘junkin’ career (many years!). Last night and this morning, that’s all I could think about, so Louie and I went back, were there when the store opened, and bought it, without the cabinet. I did the normal cleaning and oiling before I even plugged it in. The needle threads left to right, which is a bit odd, but some of my other machines thread that way too. It is a straight stitch and zigzag machine only, and I have not pinpointed her birth date yet, but I’ll get that figured out soon, I hope. The address in the manual, where the owner can contact the company with any questions is Chicago 7, Illinois. Louie says that was before the USPS started using zip codes, so that is a clue. (He is so knowledgeable…it scares me sometimes! He says Chicago 7 must have signified post office #7 in Chicago. (Click HERE to read about the inauguration of the ZIP code)

UPDATE!!! Sue sent me information of where I could find the information I needed for the birth date of this machine. I did not find a birth date for this EXACT piece of cast iron, but found out this particular model was manufactured from 1963-1965.  That means I was about 6 years old when it was new. Did I tell you it weighs a TON?

I know the stitches are hard to see, but it sews a lovely straight stitch and a pretty good zigzag too. This machine will become a display piece somewhere in my house. Now I want to find a nice PINK machine!

kenmore 50 006

When Amy arrived at my house yesterday, she came bearing gifts! Thanks Amy! What a sweetie.

amy 001

amy 002

amy 003

We had such a fun time. We ate lunch at the Machine Shed, and hit all the Goodwills and Salvation Army stores in the Quad Cities. We did not go to the Illinois side, as there is usually always bridge work on Saturdays, and Louie was not with us to guide us back across from a different bridge. We got in enough buying trouble without crossing the river. The Salvation Army ‘AS IS’ store was having a half price sale, so between Amy and I, we filled the Edge. We had so much fun, and I hope we can do it again soon. We even got back in time for Amy to make it home before dark.

So that’s my weekend. Hope yours was wonderful. It is HOT HOT HOT and HUMID here in Iowa. Thank God for air conditioning at work!

Be blessed and have a great week!



Simple Quilting Tip:  Dry slivers of bar soap make great lines on dark fabric. (From Simple Tips For Quilters)


Hazel said...

Sounds like you had fun and got some treasures ,good for you.

Becky said...

Love the lavender machine!!! I'm a purple girl! Great find.

Amelia said...

Such a pretty now has a new home with new people that will give it much love and attention.

shelly said...


Renea said...

Perfect for you. Didn't know that they made purple sewing machines.

Lori said...

Sounds like a great day! Haven't we all done that? Saw something and said no we didn't need it but then got home and wished we had bought it anyway. Yea for Louie to take you back to get it! Have fun with it!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm so jealous! I want to go with you sometime. :) The nearest Goodwill to me here in LA doesn't have anything but clothes but I'm going a little farther on Wednesday so I'm going to check there...maybe I'll find a treasure too! blessings, marlene

Jeanna said...

Wow, you have the knack for great finds!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

how fun to have a good buddy to shop with!! and what a find, you did do good!!


Kathryn D. Duke said...

oh I forgot...real HOT here in eastern NC too...big thunder and lightening storms last night!!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

It was a very fun day. I had a feeling you would go back and get the machine and I'm glad you did. She is so pretty....

Thanks for the great day, Michelle. =) I LOVE my iron...Tanks for finding it for me. =)

Jules said...

Wow! What a great haul and wonderful gifts from your friend!!

If you find a pink machine before I do, I'll spit! ;)

Val said...

If there is a pink one out there you will find it!!!

Packrat said...

What a find! If the machine has a serial or model number on it (underneath or on the side - not on the motor) try this website: (copy & paste in address bar.)

This is where I found the manufacture date for the turquoise Kenmore. Sadly it is about ten years newer than I thought. looks like a fun place to visit to find out about all kinds of things.

Deni Shangraw said...

I have this same machine and ditched my expensive new one in favor of the lavender lady. I have the original table, and the ladies at the thrift shop looked at me like I was nuts when I expressed my exuberance and anticipation of delving into this one ton beast. They couldn't wait to get rid of it and practically paid me to take it in fear of it not working. Machines built like this always work
All cogs and gears and mechanical genius and stout. I'll never use a plastic run of the mill machine again.


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