Friday, June 3, 2011

Litter Bags

A few years ago, while we were driving down the road littering up the inside of our van, (road trip!) I told Louie that I needed to make a litter bag, (like the sewing scrap bag/pin cushion bags I make) for our van so we didn’t have wrappers and junk all over the console. As soon as I said it, I imagined it, and my litter bags were born (without the pin cushions, of course!). I have made many since, and used them as gifts and gift bags, even! Some of my friends have copied my idea and are passing out litter bags to their family and friends too. If I take the litter bag out of the car to empty, and forget to put it back, we are lost without it!

My hair dresser’s husband is a big John Deere fan. I made him a JD rice bag a few months ago, since he was using Lori’s, given to her for Christmas.  He loved it. I made Lori a litter bag awhile back, and decided I would make one (or two) for Jeff too.

This morning, I got out my JD fabric, but I wasn’t sure what to use for the lining.  I saw 2 pair of jeans sitting on my table that Louie had worn out, and I decided denim would be perfect. (click all photos to enlarge)

                  litter bag 001

                   litter bag 002

I used the bottom of the pant leg so I wouldn’t have to make a hem, and I also thought it was so perfect, because people who drive John Deere tractors don’t wear fancy clothes, and I know that they don’t give up their denim easily. The fact that the hem is worn just makes it that much more perfect! I sew two buttons on the tab. One on the front, and one directly on the back behind it. To hang it in the car/truck/tractor, or drawer, just open the door, place the buttons inside, and close the door/drawer. Both buttons, back to back, inside the glove compartment/drawer, keep it from pulling out and falling on the floor. I sew the buttons on with 6 strands of floss leaving a tail to the front when I start, then I end with a tail on the front. I tie the threads, and clip them long, just for looks. They can be turned inside out for a completely new look AND they are machine washable!

  litter bag 004  bags 003

Here is one of my litter bags I use in my office for trash. It doesn’t have buttons, and there is no door or drawer to hold it in place, so I used a BIG office clip to clip it to my table. I sewed a button to the front, just inside the bag body for embellishment. I wish I would have had some John Deere tractor buttons. I would have sewn them on on Jeff’s litter bags.

  bags 002  bag 001

I’m going to go deliver the bags to Lori soon. I hope Jeff likes them! Maybe he can use one in his car, and one in  his office desk drawer for trash. Update: Lori loved them!

Here’s my litter bag in our car.

                    madison 167

Hope your Friday is wonderful and your weekend is even better!

Be blessed,





Hazel said...

Great idea ,I'm sure your friend will love it .

StitchinByTheLake said...

Okay I have to have one of those for my car! How did you make the body of it? Is it just two pieces sewn together like you would a purse but with no "bottom?" And how big do you make yours? I've got to try this!!! blessings, marlene

Renea said...

Loved the idea of using the jeans for the lining and using the hem so it was finished. You are so clever.

Jules said...

Love this!! And your jean lining is especially cute. :)

I need to figure out where I could hang one of these in my car. The whole cramming-tissues-down-by-the-seat just isn't working so well. :\

Val said...

I am telling you that you are one of the smartest people I know!!! I use one of those little plastic containers that crystal light comes in. I love your idea!!!

Madame Samm said...

That is one great stinking idea..( meaning cool) why have I never thought of just gotta share this with the quilting

Amy said...

love it!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

you are too creative!!!! i love to recycle jeans too BUT have never thought of THIS!!!!!



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