Sunday, July 10, 2011

‘Lavender Lady’ Kenmore Model 52

Louie and I went junkin’ today. Yes, this is another lavender machine. It is a newer model than the last one. The last one was straight stitch only. This one uses pattern cams and is lavender and white!

lavender 2 001

lavender 2 002

lavender 2 007

lavender 2 006

lavender 2 005

It’s not my fault I brought it home, you know. It was at the thrift store last week, and it was there waiting for me today. What was I supposed to do? I already left it behind once. Was I supposed to do it again???

Well, I couldn’t. Last week, I left it, because it was in a cabinet, and someone had dropped the cabinet on it’s side, and the machine wouldn’t come up out of the cabinet without force, because the cabinet hinge pins were bent, and the edge of the machine was rubbing on the cabinet opening. I decided I could leave it. We didn’t have the tools, and we decided not to mess with it, (although I heard weeping and sniffling sounds as I walked away….)Crying face

Today, I had enablers. My brother and his wife were with us, and when we found out furniture (yes, sewing machines in cabinets are considered furniture) was 30% off if you paid and removed it from the store today, I had plenty of  help removing it from the cabinet. (My sweet brother and husband were cheering me on, and my brother was down on the floor with his pocket knife using it as a screwdriver!)We got it free from the cabinet, with the ‘jaws of life’ and they still gave us 30% off, even though we left the cabinet. I think the next step after furniture markdowns is a free trip to the dumpster. WHAT WAS I TO DO???? I HAD to save it!

This machine is a little newer than the first one I adopted. It has a pattern disc that came with the machine, which has two different pattern stitches, one on each side. Zigzag on one side and blindstitch pattern on the other side. Two patterns on one disc. As you can see by the sample stitches in the photo, it works very well. Update: I found a set of pattern discs on iOffer that fit this machine, so it is complete now. Woo hoo!


I think Kenmores are about the easiest machines to set the tension on.  We did have to take apart the mechanism that runs the feed dogs up and down, but my talented husband figured it out, and now it works wonderfully. The feed dog lever would not budge when we brought it home. Now, it runs smoothly, just like it is supposed to. It has a new rubber bobbin wheel, and is properly oiled and ready to go. Louie does have to put a different controller on it, though, because the one that came with it was for knee control for cabinets only, but thanks to our ‘sewing machine parts drawer’, we have a regular foot control to put on it. It also needs a longer cord for it to reach the floor.

What else did we do this weekend you ask? Well, I worked 6 hours on Friday, came home at noon, and when Louie went back to work at 1pm, I was going to sleep for one hour then get up and start laundry. I was still sleeping at 5pm. Whooped, I was!

Louie wanted to find some little tweeters for a stereo he was going to put in my van this weekend, so we ran all over Davenport Friday night looking, with NO LUCK. Seems if you want tweeters, you have to order online. Several hours later, we came home.


Saturday morning, I located some tweeters at an Advanced Auto Parts in Clinton, via Google search, (I LOVE GOOGLE!) so after my chiro appt in DeWitt, I ran to Clinton and picked them up. While I was gone, Louie started working on installing my new car stereo. He spent most of the day installing the stereo, and adding the tweeters, and he also fixed my left power mirror that wouldn’t work. Our local salvage yard had one for a very reasonable price. (It’s so good to have someone who can do things like that around!) While he worked on the radio, I worked on sewing some small projects, and also worked on laundry. Then last night, we cruised around for awhile and enjoyed my new stereo and all his hard work! Louie also filled the van up with gas, and realized when he went to pay that his billfold was on the seat of the motorcycle and not in his pocket, so Casey’s kidnapped him while I went to retrieve ‘said’ billfold. (They teased him while I was gone, about ‘who got the better deal’).

And today we went junkin’….but you knew that!

This is my last week of work before we go on vacation! My brother and his wife, and Louie and I are riding to Missouri on our Goldwings to go to the Gateway Arch, Anheuser –Busch Brewery, and who knows what else. It’s vacation time! Woo hoo!!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Be blessed!






Amelia said...

Another one for the collection... just more to love.

Sounds like you had a very busy weekend - but very productive too.

May this week be filled with pleasant surprises.

Val said...

Love your new machine! And I loved hearing about the gas station! That is cute. Your vacation sounds like an adventure. Have fun but be careful.

Pokey said...

That's very cool, Michelle! I learned to sew on a Kenmore, not like yours here, but I remember momma called the little design discs "cams", and they dropped into the top like yours.
So do you have any idea how many sewing machines you own/ Do ya'll fix 'em and sell 'em? I enjoy seeing your finds ~

Jeanna said...

Michelle, you have the magic touch, no wonder machines cry if you leave them behind! I think maybe you should send your husband over to my house to help out with a few (or a lot) of projects around here. Oh, you should come with him and we can sew and chat while he fixes all my stuff!

StitchinByTheLake said...

First of all - what a great machine. I looked at two different Goodwills down here and found not one machine of any kind. :( Second, I love St. Louis! It's one of my favorite places to go. There's a Chile's downtown that makes the best ribs I've ever eaten in my life! Have a wonderful vacation! blessings, marlene

Flamingo K (aka Karen Schurr) said...

Hello Michelle, I, too, seem to be collecting machines....actually a few weeks ago I found a Kenmore 1755 at a yard sale. It stitches like a dream. Just ran across your site and so happy I did. I'm you newest fan.
My DD moved to St. Louis last Autumn and loves it there. She's really fond of the museums and gardens there because they are free of charge. Have a great vacation.

Jules said...

Another great find! Good job!

At first I thought you needed tweezers for the stereo job and I couldn't figure out why any ol' CVS didn't have a pair for you! LOL!! Glad you have tunes now. :)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Cute Kenmore! Good find! I've been a really good girl and haven't been in a thrift store in 2 weeks. Have fun in St. Louis! Lots to do there.

Amy said...

Looks like another nice machine. Joey was held hostage at a gas station once,,, We only had 1 debit card at the time and the one I used at Lowes got dropped under the counter... it was kind of funny yet scarey,, our bank is in Silvis... be safe and have a great time on vacation!!

Candace said...

Another beauty rescued. Sounds like you will have a wonderful vacation. I know that you can't wait, and I'll be waiting for pictures.

Packrat said...

An amazing find! You are lucky to have a someone who can fix things. Enjoy your vacation. Safe travels.

PaulC said...

Hello, i was doing a search for a Kenmore model 50 and came across this blog. My mother has me trying to sell her model 50 for her so if anyone is interested let me know! It is in a cabinet and comes with the matching seat, the seat top is on a hinge and hides all the accessories. everything is original and in perfect working order. it could use a new belt though. I have the original manual and a little original box with what i believe are maintenance tools? There is a light scratch on the top of the cabinet and that is it, all in all everything is in tip-top shape! If you would like pictures please leave me your email address and i will send them right over!
Thank you for your time,


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