Saturday, July 30, 2011

Necchi Lelia 514

A few of you know that I have become obsessed with PINK sewing machines. Really not sure why, but it’s better than drugs, right?

I would like to introduce to you, my ‘new to me’ Necchi Lelia 514 Automatic. My hubby calls her ‘Pinky’. She uses High Shank pressure feet. The more common, and newer machines today mostly use low shank pressure feet.

Necchi 006I got this sweetie off Craigslist. The owner loved her, and was glad to see that someone else would love her just as much.

I did my normal cleaning, oiling and polishing, and ‘Pinky’ is happy and purring. Here are my favorite cleaning tools. Goo Gone for tape residue and sticky marks. Hair spray for removing ink, oil pen for cleaning the surface and oiling moving ‘joint’s, and Kitchen Magic for a nice slick shine.

Necchi 015

Here’s some before, during, and after pictures.

Necchi 001She had some ink lines drawn on her, which I preferred to come off. Hair spray works wonders. If you haven’t tried hairspray for ink, you really should. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Necchi 002Necchi 008I changed the motor belt too. She sews a beautiful stitch. I didn’t even have to adjust the tension. It’s just perfect!

Necchi 004Necchi 005She came with 12 cams, and just by changing some settings, will produce 48 different stitches!

Necchi 009Also, lots of neat accessories and user manual.

Necchi 010The original certificate of purchase was also included, and several pages from when the original owner took a sewing class to learn how to sew on this sweet thing. How neat is that?! Purchase date was December 20, 1963. Someone got an early Christmas present!

Necchi 011Necchi 012The serial number is printed on the machine too. The first three digits are the model number, and the last five are the serial number. I don’t know what the fourth and fifth numbers signify. If I keep ‘digging for info’, maybe I’ll find out.

Necchi 013I wish you could hear her. She is quiet and sews SMOOTH.

Necchi 016Necchi 007

So that’s my ‘Pinky’. A month or so ago, I bought a machine off eBay, which ended up being more peach, but I love her too.

Necchi 018

Look out world! Here I come, hunting down pink sewing machines. I’m not done looking yet!

Be blessed and have a fantastic weekend!




Candace said...

She's a treasure and looks great there with her friend. They do look just a little lonely though.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love your pink! I've never heard of an oil pen, but then normally if my machine needs something it goes off to Ken, the sewing machine man. He prefers I not try to work on them myself...he's experienced the aftermath of that. :) blessings, marlene

Jules said...

How cute! Is it like a coral pink? I'm finding I can get quite picky about my pink. LOL!!

It looks like it goes in a cabinet. Is that right? Does it work OK just on the tabletop like that? Are you just looking at it or will you use it?

On The Quilt Show, one guy doing some "classes" uses an orange sewing machine and showed how he painted it. Nothing he'd recommend but he services machines so knows how to take them apart. But I'd love to get an old one that works and paint it pink. :)

Renea said...

Love the pink machine. Can't wait to meet all your "new to you" machines in September.

Jeanna said...

Love you new machine, that must be so much fun - like a treasure hunt! You find some really great treasures. What is an ink pen??

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

What a great machine! I love it!!

Grammy Staffy said...

How I wish I had your talent for restoring sewing machines. After 22 years of teaching sewing at the high school and dealing with many machines you would think I would learn but I didn't.

My mom had a Necchi and loved it... however it was grey... not pink. I think you surely must be the queen of pink sewing machines.

Congrats on your new girl. Hugs, Lura said...

Hi Michelle, thank you for visiting my blog. How fun that you have a pink sewing machine -- it's gorgeous! Thanks for the tips on cleaning, too -- that's really useful. Kindest regards, Dianne B. in England

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Pinky is the same age as me. I'm a 1963 baby, too!

Packrat said...

What a great find - cams, instruction book, etc. Wow! You are inspiring me to learn to learn to do more than just oil my sewing machines.

If I see any pink sewing machines, I'll let you know. Purchased another machine yesterday. Just a straight stitch in a cabinet. Not even sure of the brand. It had been at the hospital thrift shop for weeks and weeks. The price was cut in half and still no one purchased it. So... :)

Val said...

Oh I love it! And thanks for sharing all the cleaning tips. I have one I need to work on!!!


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