Friday, August 12, 2011


Looks like Louie will be busy fixing a sewing machine case tonight.

brother 013I see the seller followed did NOT follow my instructions for padding the outside of the case with bubble wrap, double boxing, and stuffing the box TIGHT with packing materials.

Looks ok so far…………..

brother 015brother 016brother 017

The bobbin plate was ‘lost’. I ‘found’ it wedged into the moving parts underneath the machine.

brother 018Oh oh.  The weight of the machine bouncing from California to Iowa ripped the board with the hinges right away from the case. No support for the machine. There should have been layers of bubble wrap, or packing styrofoam under the machine (between the machine and the inside of the base of the case) to keep it from bouncing. There should also have been shrink wrap around the base of the machine and the base itself, so the head could not ‘lift’ and bounce. The plastic clip that holds the machine head in place was not where it was supposed to be,(probably a good thing it wasn’t, or it would have snapped off) so when they laid  threw the machine on it’s side during shipping, the head flopped in that direction. (Kind of like when you are trying to pry a tooth loose…back and forth, back and forth). Ask me how I know so much about packing machines. Yes, we have had a few mishaps ourselves, and we LEARNED from those experiences. That is why I gave this seller specific instructions before I even bought it. Obviously, she did NOT think my instructions were worthy of following.

brother 019brother 020

Since I cannot detach the cords from the case until Louie gets here and cuts a bigger hole for the cord ends to slip though, I have not been able to fully remove the machine yet. I cannot plug it in and test it until it is back in the case, as the ‘power’ strip is attached to the case, but I will be able to clean it after he releases the head, while he fixes the case.

If I know my sweetie, it will be good as new real soon!brother 021

Updates to follow. Stay tuned.

Update: Repaired, fabric glued, and touched up with a black magic marker.

brother 026brother 028A note from the seller.

I am sorry to hear the base did not make it through the shipping. I did my best to pack it and followed all the instructions the quilt shop lady gave me for shipping. I hope it did not take you too long to un wind all the shrink wrap.
I am so happy that you found the cover! I made sure that everything was inside before shipping. I hope it gives you years of service.
Thank you so much for your business.

No regrets or remorse? How do people do that?

UPDATE #2: Finished!

brother 029




Jeanna said...

What a shame that they didn't pack this like you asked! They don't deserve good feedback... I hope everything turns out great and that Louie is able to fix what you need. Good luck, it looks like a darling machine!

Hazel said...

Some people just don't listen ,sure hope Louie can fix if for you , what am I talking about ,of course Louie can fix anything :-)

Amelia said...

Yea for Louie!!!!!

I know you are so happy with the results.

Have a fun weekend!

Packrat said...

Makes one wonder about people, doesn't it? So glad you have Louie! Working on an email reply.


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