Friday, August 26, 2011

Understanding Thread Tension by Threads Magazine AND Oiling Vintage Machines by Stitch Nerd


Threads Magazine put out a wonderful article on understanding the upper and lower thread tension on your sewing machine. Click HERE to read the article!





A friend of mine asked if I could show her how to oil her vintage machine. She lives too far away from me to show her, but I did some ‘Googling’.

I found a great illustration by Stitch Nerd. Please check out her blog at THIS LINK.  She did an AWESOME job of showing how to oil the machine she was working on, and as she suggests, if you have the manual for your machine, it will give good instructions and illustrations on where to oil. If you don’t have one, manuals can be found online to buy a hard copy, or download one. If you can’t find your model, find one that is close. Many machines have a lot of the same workings. Some have more, some have less, but you will get the general idea. I oil wherever two parts are joined together, and move against each other. Oil anywhere there is an oil hole in your machine. 

I hope these bits of information will make you more comfortable with your sewing machine and you will be able to feel confident that your machine is working at it’s finest.

Be Blessed,




Suzan said...

I have read all about that little screw on the bobbin case and it just terrifies me. I don't mess with it ever. I read somewhere to have two - one for adjusting and one that remains in the original state. That sounds like a good idea to me and until I get that second bobbin, I am leaving mine alone! Good article.

Packrat said...

Thanks for posting this. It is good to have a refresher course. :)

Hazel said...

Thanks Michelle it was very informative .

Val said...

You are great!!! I LOVE it! Maybe I can learn to take care of my machines myself thanks to you!!

Tammy said...

Hello Michelle & warm greetings from Friendly Manitoba Canada eh?
I just discovered you're wonderful blog and sewing machine addiction when you commented on my quilting buddy Lane's blog.

Do you have any treadles? Which machine/machines are your favourite?

I too share you're love of vintage sewing machines. I've collected some real beauties as well as a few duds. I do hope you will visit my blog to check them out.


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