Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blessed Day!

First, there was Quilting, which was full of food, friends and  LAUGHTER! (What happens at quilting, STAYS at quilting!)


We all started a quilt today using the same pattern. We are making the quilt Dutch Breeze, from the September/October 2010  McCall’s quilting magazine.  Here is one block from each of us. Most of us chose scrappy, so probably no two blocks will look alike. Row one left to right: Margaret, Michelle, Ronelle. Row two: Leslie, Renea, Polly. Bottom block: Kate. They are all beautiful. I can’t wait to work more on my quilt! (click to enlarge)


After quilting, Louie and I went to the Quad Cities. I decided that today was the day I was getting my shingles vaccination whether I had to pay for it myself or not. Too many people I know have had shingles once or more, and I don’t want to join them. I was PLEASANTLY surprised when I was only charged a $25 copay. Paying outright would have cost me $203.99. Thank you Lord for that blessing!


Next we went to Red Robin for supper. We picked up my sister on the way to the QC’s and took her with us.


…and finally, we went to see Courageous at the Cinema 53 theaters. Awesome Awesome Awesome…(did I say Awesome?) movie. Wonderful! Go see it, especially if you have children at home.

Hope your day was as wonderful as mine.

Be blessed,



Choose you this day whom you will serve……As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15


Jeanna said...

Wow, that looks like a powerful movie, thanks for the recommendation! Looks like you had a fun day at your Quilt Retreat, and I'm glad to know you are now safe from Shingles - been there, done that, no fun! Have a great one!

Judy D in WA said...

Wow, you had a very full, fun day!
Love all the blocks. I think the quilts are going to be very fun.

Packrat said...

The quilt blocks are all pretty. Couldn't choose one over another. What a fun day! Tell me the truth, please. How many tissues did you go through during the movie? Looks really good, but really emotional.

Packrat said...

PS: No, you don't want the shingles.

Val said...

I have heard that this movie is great!!! Looks like you all had a ball except for that shot!!! lol


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