Sunday, December 18, 2011

Necchi 537L Sewing Machine

My husband found me, and drug me CLeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrr across the GW store to show me this one. Sew tell me, WHO, in my home, is the one with the problem here? Hmmmmmm???Be right back (I know…I am the one to say yay, or nay…). To some of you, try to imagine….it’s probably kind of like someone showing  you a lost kitten on the highway, or trying to decide to get a new puppy with those big searching eyes after it just gave you a big sloppy kiss, or your child, asking ‘Pleeeeaaase mommy, can I PLEASE have that???” I rest my case.

Can I just say, ‘WOW!’? What a nice machine! It is NOT a Necchi (pronounced Neck-ee) made in Italy. There are Necchi collectors who ‘poo poo’ any Necchi’s made anywhere other than Italy. This one was made in Taiwan after the Necchi factory in Italy closed, but it is nice. It is a Free Arm model with removable table/tray. It has feed dogs that lower, five stretch stitches, and 6 other stitches, plus button hole stitches. All the stitches are color coded from the strip on the right side of the machine, to the coordinating colors on the knob on the left front, to the stitch length you can use with that stitch on the stitch length knob. Match colors and you are set to go! How easy is that? How old is it? The jury is still out, and I’m hoping to find out someday. I’m guessing 1980’s.

Necchi 537L 004

Necchi 537L 006

Necchi 537L 005

Necchi 537L 002

Necchi 537L 003

No, I have no idea how many machines I have, and No, I’m not going to go count. Where will I put it? I haven’t a clue, but for less than the price for two to eat at McDonald’s, I had a lot of fun playing with it. (It was missing it’s bobbin case and bobbins, but I had some. It also came with some accessories, the original instruction manual, and a clear dust cover.)

The thought did run through my mind as I was cleaning up the mess from the ‘cleaning process’ and putting things away….’It’s a good thing I’m not a doctor, because after I successfully ‘fixed them’, I wouldn’t be able to allow them to leave and go home! I would just want to ‘keep them’ there.’ Oh…scary thought!

I found this heavy pitcher too. It’s unmarked, so I think it could be hand made, but I don’t know. I guess I do see a seam running down the front, so it must have been made with a mold. The bottom is unpainted, with no markings. What is it with me and pitchers? Oh well…I like it!

001 (3)

Be blessed and have a wonderful Sunday!



Tammy said...

Hi Michelle, That is a lovely Necchi and the stitch samples are wonderful. You are an excellent sewing machine doctor. I think any machine that sews solid, precise stitches is wonderful regardless of where it was manufactured. In fact, the vintage Japanese clones like the Piedmont, Imperial, Domestic, Zenith and others are some of the best all metal machines out there. An added bonus is that they are plentiful, easy to fix and inexpensive. I'm still looking for a 1960s or 70s Brother Festival because it is hot pink. Enjoy your new toy, one thing about all the Necchis is that they are ornamental as well as functional.

Jeanna said...

Wow Michelle, yet another great machine! If I were an old sewing machine, I know I would want to come and live at your house!!

Packrat said...

Hi Michelle, I have this machine. I purchased it new after 1989 (that was the year we moved into the house we live in now, that's how I remember) to replace my Kenmore that no one could (or would) fix. It "clacks", but it sews up a storm. One thing, on my machine the tension has to adjusted quite often.

Susan said...

So if I find an Italian made Necchi in a thrift store for $20 I should get it even if it appears to be locked up and the power cord and foot pedal need re-wiring?

jp said...

Hi Michelle. I just bought a used Necchi 537L but have no manual for it. My attempts at setting the adjustments have failed and the thread just gets bunched up in the bobbin housing. Do you know where a free downloadable manual can be had? I found one for $10 but hate to spend any more on this machine since I don't know if it really works.
(Re: the age of this model, the paperwork that is with this one says it was purchased in 1982 from a Sears Store in NJ for $26.00 & change.)
Looking forward to your reply, Jan

Michelle said...

JP, I cannot respond to you, as you are a no-reply blogger. Please change your settings and try again. I think I can help you.

Hmedina said...


I, too, have the same issue as jp. I have this exact model and it will do about two stitches and then it jams in the bobbin area and the whole thing will lock up. Can you help me?

againstagamemnon said...

Hi there! I found your blog searching for information on my Necchi. I have the same one, model 537L, purchased at a thrift shop for $4. Everything seems to be in working order— very quiet, no odd noises, the needle is straight and everything's well oiled, but there's no manual and I can't figure out how to thread it! Would you be able to offer some assistance? Thanks very much! This is my first sewing machine that's mine and no one else's, and I'm excited to start working with it.

againstagamemnon said...

Hi there! I found your blog searching for information on my Necchi. I have the same one, model 537L, purchased at a thrift shop for $4. Everything seems to be in working order— very quiet, no odd noises, the needle is straight and everything's well oiled, but there's no manual and I can't figure out how to thread it! Would you be able to offer some assistance? Thanks very much! This is my first sewing machine that's mine and no one else's, and I'm excited to start working with it.

againstagamemnon said...

Hi there! I found your blog looking for information on Necchi. I have the same machine, model 537L, purchased for $4 at a thrift store. Everything seems to be in working order— very quiet, no odd noises, the needle is straight, everything's well oiled... but there's no manual and I can't figure out how to thread it! I've asked a few other people and it's stumping everyone. Would you be able to offer some assistance? I'm so excited to start working with it— this is my first machine.

Michelle said...

You are a no-reply blogger, so I cannot reply to you. If you want to email me, click the email me photo of Lucy on the side of my blog page.
In the meantime, go to the link below.

Thora said...

I found a nearly brand new Necchi 537L at a GoodWill for $15. I noticed that it needed a bobbin casing, but ai figured no big deal.I gleefully brought it home. Only to realize that not only is it missing a casing, it is also missing part of the housing that the casing rests in. The black pins that lock a front ring into place are there, but that ring is missing. And I cannot find a place to but a replacement. Anyone have an idea? I have scoured online sources, and most of my local sewing stores have never even heard of the brand. :/

Tikkt Awph said...

Hi Michelle. I see it's been a while since any new posts. But I have a couple comments. #1: To Thora: I have recently seen those Necchi bobbin rings that you are missing on eBay. If they aren't there now, keep checking. #2: I also just picked up a 537 L at a thrift shop for 15 bucks a few days ago. It looked practically new. There was no manual but it had a drawer full of bobbins and some xtra specialty feet. However, when I first tried to use it, it sounded like it was full of rocks and would not sew two stitches. So I took it all apart and did a thorough cleaning and oiling. It was much better but was obviously out of time and kept breaking thread. So I did a little research on the interwebs and found some great repair sources (free of course) including a really great Necchi service manual. Once I had educated myself, I dug into my new machine and timed the needle bar carefully and checked the other timing components. I have to say it sews great! I would like to learn more about this machine's capabilities but unfortunately, I don't have the manual and am too cheap to pay for one. If I could get that manual, my life would be complete. ;-). I'm pretty pleased with this purchase. My wife was getting mad when I would use her machine to do some heavier work, like upholstery. I got this new machine thinking that for 15 bucks, it would essentially be a disposable machine. But now it runs so nice, I think I'm going to give it to my daughter since she is crrently without any machine. That's another reason why I would like to get the manual. So once again, I won't have my own project machine. Guess I'll go back to sneaking my wife's machine. Funny thing is that I was the one who had a machine when we got married 30 years ago. I could sew and my wife could not. (Mom and Gramma figured sewing was a good skill for anyone to know, including men.). Now my wife has become an excellent seamstress and I am still very mediocre until a project catches my interest - like furniture or car upholstery. Any way, it's nice to read your blog and hear that other people like these old machines too. There's just something about sewing machines that intrigues me. Happy days to everyone! Gene

Pam Cundiff said...

I enjoyed reading your stories. The one that brought me to your blog was about the Necchi 527L. I would love to have a downloadable copy of your service manual. I couldn't find 'Lucy' or 'email me' to give you my email address so I will just post it here.

I have had one machine all my life, until a year ago. The first one I was a kid and couldn't get the settings right. Sold it when my uncle said a metal geared White was better. He forgot to tell me to oil it. I know now I seriously neglected it, and even with my neglect it lasted 30 years. I carried it around in the trunk of my car trying to find someone to resurrect it for a solid year. It had been in the cabinet my grandma gave me as a teenager and the sentimental part of me wanted to save it and keep using it forever.

I ended up giving up on the White after a year and resigned myself I still had the cabinet Grandma gave me as a kid. So, I bought a replacement with metal gears (537L) from the repairman who insisted I let my White die with dignity. I brought 537L home to put in the cabinet and was glad the sewing machine deal was over and settled.

Nope, not over. I love the 537L for the same reasons you do, but I was very upset to learn it didn't fit in my childhood cabinet! It is a, what's a girl to do? I had to keep the free armed machine so my only option was to get a different Necchi to fit in my cabinet. That time I got an Italian made Supernova. Then the work of restoring it began. Somewhere during the process, I discovered a pink Necchi and I don't know why, but I had to have it. Three sewing machines? I dunno. I still dunno.

That was 3 months ago. I have 3 Necchis and want the mint green Supernova BU! Did I mention I also want the free arm Supernova BU? What is wrong with me? I just caught it...I don't even know how.

I'd love to have the repair manual for the 537L even though it runs perfectly for now. One day, you never know... :)

Michelle, you are adding jewels to your crown. Every post has The Word...EVERYWHERE! May God continue to bless you. Pam

Crystal Blackwell said...

Hi Michelle,

I have a Necchi model 537L and a Goodhousekeeper model 408S to either I cannot find a manual for. I bought both for $15 at a flea market. My son was excited to finally have his own sewing machine but we cant use it because I have no clue as to how to thread the machines. I have tried different websites but they either didn't have the manuals or they wanted a very high price for them. Now I love to sew and make my quilts and i'm happy that my son wants to learn. If you would have any clue or know where I can find manuals that would be great....-


Unknown said...

Hi there Michelle! I'm actually looking around on the internet and have had not much luck finding information in this machine. I am totally new in the world of sewing machines. I want to get one for my church's youth art department. We want to make banners, flags, praise dance clothes. I figured, because I'm going to do a lot of projects, an older yet sturdy machine would be best. However, I have not been able to find a video on one or anything like that. Before making the purchase I want to know as much as I can on it. It says it's missing the foot. Is the foot something universal? Do I need to find a specific one? Do you know of any tutorials on this specific machine? Or may be you have a few tips and such you can give. Well thanks in advance!


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