Sunday, January 22, 2012

Junkin’ 01*21*2012

I was up til 3am this morning just cleaning, testing, and putting everything away. First off is my Isabel Bloom mouse. Louie saw it in the case and asked if I wanted it. I looked at the price, said, no, I didn’t need it, and he said, ‘It would be pretty cute sitting next to your Isabel Bloom cats.’ ‘Darn it!’ I said. ‘Ok, now I HAVE to have it'!’ See what I mean by enabling me? This cat is a few weeks old (to me). Love Isabel Bloom!

junkin 019

This cutie is not new. He’s kept me company for a few years now next to my computer.


Here’s some more of my goodies. A pink ‘tub’ with handles, a Singer Monogrammer, a glass ‘whatever’ with lid. There are scissors and thread in there. Most interesting though. Electric pinking shears! Louie and I found another shop called New 2 You Furniture and Etc in Davenport. We’ll be going back! (That store was just one of many stores we ‘hit’ today, and in this picture, only the pinker came from there.)

junkin 011

Among the goodies, a white pitcher was cute, and  a Braun Aqua Express Electric Kettle. Check out the price…are people NUTS? Also June Tailer Pressing thing for points, a cheese tray with glass dome…NOT for CHEESE! Oh no, for fabric Jelly Rolls??  A toy Black and Decker iron, a mini travel iron (a quilter’s best friend), a HAEGER pink ashtray for putting pins in (or whatever), scissors, and Louie found a 2 pack + one of a 2 pack (total 3) of Correctible Film Cartridges for my Smith Corona Electric typewriter I found last week. (I donated the first one I found, when I found a better one).

junkin 005

I have never seen electric Pinking shears before.

junkin 009

Can I say, ‘AWESOME’! Louie asked what I was going to do with them. I DON’T KNOW! I’ll figure something out! If I wanted fabric confetti, it would work great!!!

junkin 010

I’ve been on the lookout for a crock pot for a single male coworker. I found  him one. I brought it home and SCRUBBED it (oh my) and got is sparkling like new, inside and out. I poured water in it and turned it to HIGH. I don’t know if I should give this to him or not. The outside of it was HOT. Should it be that hot? I turned it to Low, and it seems ok. I know it is vintage, and maybe not as insulated as the new ones. I’ll just have to tell him, use LOW and DON’T TOUCH THE OUTSIDE!  This baby cooks! Definitely 1970’s.

junkin 016

I found a couple quilts at GW. This one, I am going to wash, and pass on to Quilts For Kids of Iowa. It’s brand new.

junkin 012

junkin 013

This one, I am going to cut apart. This one is not decorative enough for Quilts For Kids.

junkin 014

I only paid $1.38 for it, and I bought it for the backing fabric, which looks to me to be a polka dot batik. Love it!junkin 015

I mentioned I bought an electric typewriter last week. It was the second electric typewriter I bought, and it was newer than the first one mentioned a few blog posts back. The keyboard was more user friendly and more like a computer keyboard. The Correctible Film cartridges I ordered, and also the ones Louie found yesterday were for that computer. (Picture borrowed from Google images, but same machine.)


I found THIS computer yesterday. It is an even newer one, and uses the same cartridges and correction tapes. This one is a Spell-Right Dictionary Memory Typewriter. SD 750. You can choose 3 different typing modes. Memory, which you can save to file. Line, which is you type the complete line, making corrections and viewing it before you type it, or Type, which means, just to type immediately. I chose Line, so I could save on correction tape! I typed a couple of pages last night, and it works pretty slick. You can choose to have it print at the end of your line without hitting return, you can change the pitch, correct one character at a time, or correct the whole word. It has lots of neat little tricks. It’s more like a word processor…you know, pre-computer, only when I had one of these before, it was smarter than me…..still is. So do you think $6.95 was too much to pay for this? The printed yellow paper is what I got when I pressed Code + Z for a demonstration. It ‘talked’ to me!

junkin 017

Well, I think it’s naptime. All my junkin’, and cleaning of ‘said’ junk items have plumb tuckered me out!

Later Gators!


Sleepy smile


Renea said...

Wow! You really found the treasures. Why would anyone give away such cute quilts? Enjoy your nap.

Val said...

I LOVE it when you go junkin. I always learn stuff. I have never heard of Isabel Bloom!!!

Hazel said...

You make me smile ,I can't wait for the weekends to see what you find junkin .Enjoy ,I go into the thrift stores once a week the only thing I found was a container for my utensils ,thanks for the great idea .

Andrea said...

I so need to find a friend to go junkin with. You find the coolest stuff!

Jeanna said...

Sounds like you had another productive search! You find amazing and interesting things - it must be a talent!

shelly said...

Wow! You know all the good places to hit ;) I've burnt my fingers on my New crockpot countless'd think I'd learn that's not the proper way to make sure it's working!


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