Sunday, January 29, 2012

Panasonic Dynamite 8 Track Player, Etc.

About a year after Louie and I started dating, he surprised me with a gift. No, it wasn’t this 8 track player, it was a set of dishes. I didn’t want them. (I know, I KNOW! BAD MICHELLE!) He took them back, and bought me an 8 track player, just like this one. RED and everything. No, I don’t remember what happened to it, but I suppose when cassettes and cd’s came out, I passed it on. A few years ago, while junkin’, I saw this one, for $3.38  I picked some 8 track tapes to go with it, I tried it out, HAD to have it. I brought it home, played with it for awhile, and put it away. With the recent purchases of vintage items, I needed to get it out and play with it again. 

8 track 001

Here’s a retailer’s flier I found on the internet.

dynamite 8 track player

8 track 003

8 track 005

8 track 004

Right now, it is sitting on top of the stove playing ‘The Best of Bread’. Do you remember that one? Louie and I had that cassette after we quit using the 8 tracks, and then got the CD after cassettes went away. Good music!!!

8 track 008

Do you know what’s crazy? Search ebay for Panasonic Dynamite 8 Track players, and especially check out THIS ad. I am SO glad I found mine. I don’t think I ever saw one before this one, or one since I found this one, and for that, I very grateful! I know we are not to love material possessions, but these are not just possessions, these are happy memories.

  Red heart      Smile      Be right back      Red heart        

You all know I love picking up cheese servers with glass domes for displaying my Jelly rolls for quilting. I tried something different with my ‘new to me’ cheese dome. In December, I won the ‘draw’ for fat quarter choice for January. We exchange fat quarters every month for our ‘stash’. I picked black, red and white, or just red and white. I got some beautiful fabrics. When you win the ‘draw’, you get TWO stacks of fat quarters, as we always bring one more fat quarter than there are quilters. That makes an extra stack and we get TWO! That’s what makes it fun. You get to choose, then  you get an TWO stacks! I love how they look!

8 track 006

8 track 007

The sun is shining, and my baby asked me what I wanted to do today. What do you think I will say? Rolling on the floor laughing

Have a wonderful day, everyone!



Amelia said...

How cute - and it still works is even better.

Enjoy the day...junkin' was probably your answer to your honey....

Renea said...

The Best of Bread!!! My favorite. Andy gave me the CD for my birthday a few years ago and he had it wrapped and then he had it in a loaf of bread. LOL He is so creative. Have fun junkin! ;)

shelly said... sweet! That's Dyno-Mite!

Jeanna said...

Your posts always take me on a little trip down memory lane - I can still be heard around the house humming songs from Bread! And what a great find with your 8 track player, how great is that? I expect to soon hear what you found on your junkin' trip with Lou!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I saw the cutest painted cheese dome earlier this week, but, it didn't have a base. I thought of you and Amy. I remember those 8 track players. Mine was part of my stereo system. My brother had an 8 track player in his first car.

Val said...

Wow. I love this!!! I am going this week to try to find a cassette player at a thrift store. Cleaning out stuff and found lots of cassettes. I want to listen to them.


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