Friday, February 17, 2012

Mmmm…Mmmm…Caramel Corn!

First, I got out my vintage (1980) Presto PopCornNow, and my Orville Redenbacher popcorn…

caramel corn 003


I popped 4 quarts (or there-about) popcorn (and the smoke detector only went off twice!Rolling on the floor laughing) and I poured it in a brown paper grocery sack, after I carefully sifted most of the old maids out….

caramel corn 004

(Did you know that corn syrup turns solid if you leave it in the cupboard for a few years, or maybe a decade? What’s up with that?!!!)

caramel corn 005

Here is the caramel mixture after cooking in the microwave…

caramel corn 006

…and here it is doing it’s volcano impersonation when I added the baking soda.

caramel corn 007

I poured it over the popcorn (and I added some slivered almonds to the popcorn), and shook the bag to cover the popcorn.

caramel corn 008

Microwave on high for 70 seconds…shake….

caramel corn 009

…flip bag over and microwave on high for another 70 seconds.

caramel corn 010

Shake again, tear open bag, and let dry. I did not let it dry. I like my caramel corn STICKY.

caramel corn 011

Mmmmmm…guess what’s for supper? Rolling on the floor laughing

caramel corn 015


I used THIS RECIPE, but it’s the same recipe as I used (from a friend) the last time I made caramel corn (probably 10 years ago).

Have a great evening! I’m doing my part to make sure my dentist has cavities to fill the next time I go visit! Winking smile

Be blessed!



Suzan said...

One of my favorite suppers, too, only mine is usually with a can of Diet Coke!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Carmel Corn is a huge weakness for me.

I've learned how to add brown sugar in the popper so when the popcorn pops, it coats the popcorn in sugary sweetness. Not exactly the same, but close when you are in a hurry.

waggonswest said...

Yum. My dad always made candy corn for us when we were kids. I think he was worried he'd burn it if he made caramel

Pokey said...

One of my weaknesses is caramel corn. Oh, to be able to make it quickly will surely get me in trouble! Thanks for the yummy recipe!

kath001 said...

I'm on my own tonight too, and just blogged about my dinner. LOL I would like to now have yours for my dessert.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I wish I were there with you - I love caramel corn! blessings, marlene

Renea said...

I love Caramel Corn. I do mine the microwave also but instead of cooling in the bag I pour mine on a cookie sheet to cool. Love my caramel corn cool.

Jeanna said...

That sounds and looks great! I think I will have to try it soon!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

you are soo funny Michelle...I will give this a try for my hubby as he LOVES him some popcorn!!

Grammy Staffy said...

I am hungry for caramel corn now. Yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


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