Sunday, February 5, 2012

Singer 99 Conversion from Electric to Hand Crank


Yesterday, I showed you the Before:

Ta Daaaa! So what do you think? (Please enlarge all pictures to see details better.)

Singer after 005

I went to my spare parts case, and pulled out a straight stitch foot, and I even had a spare bobbin cover plate. I also had a spoked wheel that we ordered and didn’t use for something else, so I put that on, and I ‘borrowed’ the hand crank kit off of my Red Eye. I bought another crank last night, so when that one comes, it will go back on the Red Eye. I changed the bobbin tire, as the one on there was HUGE, and it was dragging the cranking down when I put it in the bobbin winding position. I even had to take the whole bobbin winding part off the machine to loosen the screw so I could adjust it. I ‘cleaned’ the surface of the machine with baby oil. Why? Because the ‘painted’ finish is lacquered and ‘japanned’, and cleaners would not work well. It would make the finish cloudy. Baby oil, or regular sewing machine oil is a wonderful thing to clean the finish with, and it makes it really shine. Most of the decals are in good shape, but the ‘S’ is kind of scuffed up. Maybe it has something to do with the brackets on the inside of the lid?

singer 99 006

I stripped off all the veneer on the base of the case, then Louie sanded it all down, stained it, and put tung oil on it this morning. It hasn’t been polished yet, as the oil is not completely dry yet. We haven’t done anything to the lid yet. It needs some veneer glued, and then we will clean and polish it and see how it looks. Later.

I test sewed (cranking) with it last night, and it sews well. (Sorry, I didn’t keep the sample. I sewed on a paper towel, and ended up wiping off the counter with it today and then threw it away.) I had to do a little adjusting of both tensions, but not a lot. I really have not figured out why the decal is on the back of the arm of the machine, and not on the ‘inside’ of the arm, as there was a motor that covered it. After ‘Googling’ similar machines, I see that some of the ‘newer’ models had the decal on the inside, and not on the back.

Singer after 004

Singer after 006

The certificate with serial number states that the machine was born in 1923. The decal on top of the machine says Great Britain. I wish I could find that chart I used to have that said exactly which day!

Update! I did find the site with more information, and this machine was born on June 27, 1923. Rolling on the floor laughing I found another site telling me it was made in Clydebank, Scotland.

Singer 99 Certificate


singer 99 001

Wooden base in bad shape….

singer 99 002

After: Not too bad, if I do say sew myself…and I do!

Singer after 005

Have a great week!


ps. If you look at the very top left of my blog banner, you will see my other Singer 99 hand crank machine. That one is newer, as it has stitch length and back tack lever. I just think the 99’s are SEW cute!!!


Tammy said...

Hi Michelle, Your Singer 99 that you converted from electric to hand crank looks wonderful. You did a fantastic job cleaning it up and getting it sewing again. Bravo well done! It sure is cute as well.

Val said... never cease to amaze me.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

What (another) great job you did on this pretty little lady.

Jules said...

Beautiful! I need to take more time and clean up... ahem!... all of mine! *sigh*

Jeanna said...

I don't know how you do what you do, but that machine looks wonderful now! Want to come over and see what can be done for a couple of my old machines???

Amy said...

very nice work!

Elizabeth said...

Very nice. You have boundless energy!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Please stop by my blog, as I have given you an award. I realize not everyone accepts these awards, but your creativity is definitely to be noted :-)

MQuilter said...

Your Singer 99 looks beautiful now.
Enjoy your new cute HC!


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