Thursday, March 15, 2012

My ‘Singer’ Hero!

I would like you all to meet Jim Sorrell. Jim is an original ‘Singer Man’. He still works on Singers and sells some of the old ones. If you would like to see what he has for sale, or if you ever need a part, Jim’s website, Sew-Rite is HERE.  Jim and I have known each other since I began collecting and working on sewing machines. He has answered many questions and taught me a lot about sewing machines, and he has always come through when I need a part. He is such a wonderful man and has a kind spirit.

He didn’t disappoint me when I emailed him and asked him if he had a stitch control ‘thingy’ for my ‘new to me’ Singer 403A.


I got the part today, and now she is complete.

403a 003

403a 004

I went to My Singer Story and found the birth date for this machine. If you have an older (pre-1970) sewing machine and would like to know when it was ‘born’, check it out. It’s fun! (I just put in Singer 403A where it asked for my first name, and left my last name blank to get it to print Singer 403A.)


I found this old Sewing Book last weekend while junkin’.

403a 005

I think I got it more because it had an old Singer (I believe it looks like a 301) photo on the introduction pages. I certainly won’t be using this book to learn how to sew garments!

403a 006

403a 007

Jim is in Oklahoma. If you need anything, give Jim a call, or email him, and tell him Michelle sent you!


Thank you, Jim!!

Be blessed!



Alice Grace said...

I heard from Valerie about your latest acquistion to your collection! We were at lunch and I was telling her about how you had helped me in so many ways, both to sell me my 401a but also to finde the attachments I needed for myself and my friend's machine.
Congratulations on your new find!

Hazel said...

It's so nice when you find a repair person who is passionate about his job .Jim and yourself make a good pair .Enjoy the new addition .

Amelia said...

Was I ever surprised when I saw where Jim was located in Oklahoma. The town of Seminole is about 20-25 miles from my house. Glad to know this if I find an old Singer that wants to come live at my house.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

What a great connection! Putting that information in my memory bank. =)

Val said...

It is nice to know people in high places!!! My dad got a machine that I have been meaning to ask you about. I am thinking it is a 500? Would that be right. It looks like the 401A. That may not be the right number but I will ask him.

Miss Sews-it-all said...

That is a sweet Singer 401! It is wonderful to find someone who will care for and upkeep your machines like that.

Connie said...

Just found your blog while blog hopping and I love old Singer machines too. My every day machine is a 15-91 and I use it for everything. I also have a 401 slant-o-matic. Thanks for the link to Sew Rite, I'll bookmark that!


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