Monday, April 23, 2012

Machine Quilting Room

If you read the previous post, you read that we moved Louie’s desk and computer out of the basement utility room/machine quilting room, and up into his new office. I did some moving around in there, and now here are some pictures of my new (ALL MINE) quilting room. This is the doorway from the living area. The doors are bi-fold, and have mirrors on both sides to help reflect more light.

quilting room 013

Here is what you see from far inside the room, looking at the back of the doors. My sewing table and Janome 6600 machine sit in part of the space. We’ll be going around the room to the right so you can see the whole room.

redo 001

This is my media wall. It used to be all VHS tapes, and now it is about half music CD’s, some DVD movies, and the rest, VHS tapes. Yes, we still have two combination DVD/VHS players. Also, there is a lamp on the wall, and my second Juki TL-98E which sits in the cabinet. Oh, and my pressing machine. There is also a pile of quilts that will be send to Quilts for Kids.

redo 002

Ugh! What kind of quilting equipment is this??!! Oh, it’s the furnace and hot water heater. I tried to move itWinking smile, but I didn’t know where I would go with it, so I guess t will have to stay, and I’ll have to live with it. Rolling on the floor laughing 

quilting room 009

Next to the water heater is where the big white metal cabinet used to sit. I moved that across the room. My roll of Warm and Natural batting (stash) sits there in the blue bin. I decided if the hot water heater sprung a leak, the batting would probably soak it up like a big sponge, and I just don’t know if I could wring out 40 yards of 90” batting, so I put it in a tub.

redo 003

The little rolling ‘whatever you call it’ sits there as well, and holds serger thread, a pizza box with quilt blocks, quilting girls birthday gifties, and on top, my newest Necchi machine. When I use the quilter, I will roll it out of the way so I can adjust the height of the rollers when I need to, and then I can just roll it back when I am finished.

As you can see by the quilts hanging on the rollers, I have projects that need finishing. One of the quilts is quilted and needs binding, and the other one needs quilted. I picked up these quilts at the Salvation Army for $2 each. They were tied quilts. I ‘floated’ the first one on the quilter and did a big stipple, and pulled the yarn out as I went. These quilts will be donated to Quilts for Kids, when I get them finished.

redo 004

Louie helped me pull the frame a few inches more away from the wall, and we also moved it down to the left a little bit more. I will be able to get to both ends easier now that the cupboard is out of there.

redo 005

See the boxes on the floor to the right of the quilting frame? Those are my ‘someday’ track lights. Someday, Louie will get them installed, and then I will really be able to see what I am doing! I also plugged in a power strip. I plugged in the quilting machine, cruise control and some lights to the strip. Now I just flip one switch to turn it all on, and flip it off when I am finished. Much easier than plugging and unplugging each cord.

redo 006

Not much changed here, except the white cupboard is now next to the file cabinet.  Some sewing machines have found a place on top of the cabinets.

redo 007

I ran an extension cord across the top of the file cabinet and the white cabinet, so I could plug in the lamp, and I am also able to plug in my sewing machine there. If I want to roll the machine out into the living area of the basement, I am still able to. I put a nail in the trim board so I could hang the wreath. The white space was just too large to be left empty. (OCD) Confused smile

redo 008

Here we are, back around to the beginning. Sew, this is my new space!!! It’s not a whole lot different than it was. I did gain a little space where the desk used to sit, but now it is MINE, all MINE. We might even save a few dollars each month on electricity, because there will be no lights on in this room 24/7. (My husband doesn’t seem to remember how to turn off lights.Thinking smile Bless his heart….I DO love him so! Red heart)

redo 001

Have a good week everyone!!!



Gwen, The Vintage Seamstress said...

Looks like you got a nice set up Michelle. I can't wait to get my frame, its on its way. I like the way you have displayed your machines. My sewing room in the basement (I am not down there anymore) had a furnace and hot water heater too. When I would sew a vent coming off the furnace would roast me and in the summer the ac would freeze my face! lol

Amelia said...

Looks like the move was beneficial to both of you. Lots of physical labor involved - but the results were fantastic.

Val said...

Oh I love it!!! A woman quilting cave!!! You are a lucky woman!!!

Amy said...

wow how great your own sewing/quilting room! it looks nice and clean. have fun in there!

Renea said...

very nice. Loved the tour. You will really enjoy having the room to yourself. You will be able to start a project and then leave it and not have to pick up all of the time. Happy you can wheel out your sewing machine to the other room so you can quilt with the girls.

That corgi :) said...

All I can say is, so much work! No wonder you are sore! But it all looks great and I'm sure you'll enjoy "your" space!!


Suzan said...

I do wish my studio was larger so that I could get a frame in there. I had to put a day bed in and that takes up the space I had planned for a small frame. Look at all the room you have! Envy isn't pretty but I am green!! :)

Tammy said...

Good Morning Michelle, Thanks tons for the tour of your sewing room. Furnace and hot water heater notwithstanding, your space is lovely. So good to see all that hard work paid off.

Jeanna said...

What a great sewing area, and all that room is wonderful! I'm sure you spend many happy hours there.

Janet said...

Looks like you've got a wonderful set up there! Enjoy - just hope you don't get lonely!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Love the new office and sewing room. I have to figure out how to make a space 'mine' so that I can organize my quilting stuff. I'm hoping that that will be my project in June.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Your new space looks wonderful! Isn't it nice to have a place that is all your own. =)

Elizabeth said...

Michelle, You are so TIDY!!! I need to take lessons from you!!

Fulvia said...

"Someday track lights" is ... well, familiar! Good job on the batting storage under the frame. Michelle, will you please write me dirctly if you have a moment ... Thanks. fulvialucianoATyahooDOTCOM


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