Saturday, April 14, 2012

Necchi Lelia 515

Look what I found yesterday! I’m still in shock! No, you aren’t seeing double….this one has an automatic buttonhole feature (see the knob to the right of the Necchi name?)

necchi Lelia 515 002

…and NO, I’m not reposting about the machine I found in June of last years on Craigslist. (The one below, and also on my blog header.)


My sweetie has been away since Tuesday, helping run, and compete in the Iowa State Pool Association pool tournament in the Quad Cities. We’ve talked on the phone and texted back and forth, but he wanted to see me. He excused himself from his post at helping run the tournament and told them he was going to spend some time with his ‘young bride’ (oh, silly boy…that reminds me to make an eye appointment for the dear). I had a few things I needed to get done in the morning, but I did meet him in the QC’s at 2pm at the Goodwill store. (Well, now, where else would YOU suggest we meet? Winking smile)

He found a brand new pair of blue SAS Free Time shoes for me (the kind I wear all the time) right away. Score! $12.38. They are $140 new, retail.


We went to Wendy’s and had lunch (late), then we went to a few more thrift stores. One of the last stores we went to was the AMVETS store. I saw a couple of other sewing machines, but this one was sitting on a table. It had no cord, so I found one of the workers and asked if he had the foot control. He said, yes he did, and he had a whole bunch of other stuff with it. It was marked $14.95, and it’s PINK (or enough for me)!

necchi Lelia 515 002

Well, I just about had to go shop in the under-panties department after I saw that price! (Embarrassed smile Sorry….just had to share! I was excited! Should I just have said my heart went ‘pity pat’? Rolling on the floor laughing) The worker kind of apologized about it, saying that he ‘marked it low’ because he considered it a ‘tabletop’ model, since it didn’t have a cabinet that it fit in. I neglected to tell him that I didn’t have room for a cabinet anyway, and had it been in a cabinet, I would have removed the machine and donated the cabinet back. I did tell him that I probably wouldn’t be sewing with it much, and that I collect vintage sewing machines. I told him that I love cleaning and oiling them and getting them going, then I just admire them. He told me I wouldn’t have to do that, because it worked. (Oh, yes I will!)

So today, while the girls are quilting, I may just be working on this sewing machine seeing how she works, and tuning her up.

I told Louie yesterday that I am getting quite embarrassed. I told him that on my blog, suggested posts pop up at the end of my posts, and I am seeing machines that I don’t even remember that I have. (Obviously, those machines are not on display, but tucked away.) I told him that I really need to find some place that I can donate some machines that would be for a good cause…like, not to resell, but that someone would use. I have quite a few that are more modern than this one, that I could part with if I saw that it was going somewhere like that. I would love to find a place that taught girls to sew, or that made quilts or blankets for the less fortunate…and that would make me feel really good.

I did a little Google search last night, and I think I found a place close enough to home that I can deliver some sewing machines, and they will make a big difference. That makes me feel good. I don’t want to have to ship them, as packing them is hard work, (and make my arms and shoulders ache). I don’t want to donate them to be resold. I want them to make a difference. I want them to WORK! I rescued them, and nursed them back to health, and now I want someone to really LOVE them, and make a difference in the process. A kind of ‘pay it forward’ thing.

Ok, enough babbling. I need to set up my space for my quilting girls!!!

Have a good day everyone!!



Carla said...

Such a sweet, caring spirit you have! Your love for discarded sewing machines and the talent to restore them will have such a positive impact on others in need.

Carla said...

Such a sweet, caring spirit you have! Your love for discarded sewing machines and the talent to restore them will have such a positive impact on others in need.

SewGurl58 said...

Here is a group that distributes working sewing machines to third world countries. I have seen their booth at the Wisconsin Quilt Expo in Madison, Wi.

Suzan said...

That is a grand idea, Michelle!

That corgi :) said...

What a great find with the shoes and the machine Michelle! I think it is wonderful about you wanting to donate some of your machines for a worthy cause and the cause you described does sound worthy indeed! This could be a great ministry you get started, who knows! Have a great day quilting or puttering with your sewing machine with your friends!


Renea said...

You are such a generous and caring lady! Love the idea of donating to a good cause.

Amelia said...

A new rescue...fantastic idea about giving away some of the machines...just like a good mother you raised them and now it is time they move on and can be useful to some people less have a heart of gold!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

What is that lovely blue/green Singer 3/4 machine in your header? It's sew cute! Most of my machines are black. I need some color machines. (Fire engine red would be the optimal color for me).

Val said...

You have the biggest heart of anyone I know!! Congrats on your new machine!!!

Hazel said...

That's so sweet of you , I'm sure there are many places who could use them .I donated 2 to a home for unwed mothers ,they now make lap quilt with them for seniors in nursing homes .It just fills my heart to know there are now 2 places who are benefiting from the machines .

Jeanna said...

Oh my, another one? How cool is that! I wonder if a nursing home would want any machines, or a shelter of some kind? I'm sure now that you have told us that you are looking for good homes, you will gets lots of suggestions. What a wonderful gift!!

Tammy said...

Hi Michelle, I love your new to you Necchi 515. What a gorgeous machine. I gasped at the low price..sheeeeesh! Bravo to you for donating your extra sewing machines where they will be used. I've donated sewing machines to a local high school home economics class. Their teacher told me she had 28 students learning to sew and only 11 sewing machines.

Susan said...

what a fantastic find! and kudos to you for finding a place to donate your machines.

Connie said...

Wow Michelle what a great find!! I guess I am going to have to start stopping at those stores more often as there never seems to be any there....I must stop right after you LOL! I would love to rescue a couple from you!


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