Friday, June 8, 2012

The Sewing Machine Project #1

Our van is loaded and ready to deliver our first load of sewing machines in the morning. I say ‘our first load’, because we intend for there to be more loads. We will be leaving early to head for Madison, Wisconsin to meet Margaret Jankowski, founder of The Sewing Machine Project

sm 1

These are the machines Louie and I are donating. They were all rescued, checked over and are now ready to help others.

Singer 252001[3]

Kenmore 84007[3]

Singer Graduate 935935 001[3]

Singer 6215Machines 002

Singer Futura IIMachines 001

Kenmore 13031013-2 006[7]

Singer 6235bag and singer 015[3]

Modern Super DeLuxeBlue Modern 008_thumb

Kenmore 1301Kenmore 1301 001[3]

Necchi 537LNecchi 537L 004[3]

Singer 603Singer 603 010[3]

Singer 935singer 935 2

Singer 5530Singer 5530 002[3]

Domestic 264Domestic 004[3]

Singer Athena 1060Machines 004

Singer 1120Machines 007

Singer 500A (Rocketeer)Machines 011

Janome 3125Machines 008

No, I don’t intend to stop rescuing. In fact, my husband is telling everyone he sees about The SMP. Our friends D&J are too, and today, had one machine donated, for us to check over, specifically to go to The SMP. What a blessing!

Report back later on how our trip went. We’re excited, and it should be fun! My brother and sisterinlove have some machines to donate as well, and are going with us. It will be a fun day! (junkin’ included! Rolling on the floor laughing)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.



That corgi :) said...

Oh Michelle, I'm just so excited for you guys doing this! I can imagine the joy the project will have when they see these machines donated in love that have been restored in love. Brings tears to my eyes! I look forward to hearing how it all went; like I said before, definitely a labor of love and so rewarding; you may never know the impact of what you did with this project this side of eternity, but I know you will be blessed the other side for your generosity and care and service to help others :)


Amelia said...

What a wonderful project you are involved in...just think of all the lives these machines will touch...God will bless you and Louie so much for this generous gesture.

SewGurl58 said...

You to are awesome and generous! As I was scrolling through your donations, I had to fire up the way back machine--The Futura II was my first brand new machine when I was 14! I learned on the school machines which were Singer 603's and Singer Golden Touch and Sews, and at home I used a borrowed 1930's era White. And I am sorry but I would have had to keep that Modern Super deluxe, it's just tooooo cute! Well, time to load up my motorcycle and go sewing with my Modern Quilt Guild. Thanks for sharing!

Connie said...

What a great project to be involved in! Have a safe trip!

Designer Jules said...

I love what they, and you are doing! Wishing you a safe trip!

Regina said...

You are doing a wonderful thing! The best purchase I ever made was a sewing machine - and this can open the possibilities for so many people! thanks for lending your time and talents to make this possible ! (plus those old machines are SOOOO cool!)

Hazel said...

So many lives will be changed because of you and Louie may God bless both of you .Safe travels there and back , enjoy your week end.

Jeanna said...

Wow! Is that 18 machines from your "stash"? What a fabulous project. I hope your trip is safe and fun!!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Looking at the beautiful machines bring tears to my eyes! What a huge blessing this is!!


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