Sunday, August 19, 2012

‘New’ Vintage Kitchen Table

Louie and I went shopping yesterday for a couple of banquet tables (see below), but of course, we went junkin’ too!

On our last stop, look what they JUST BROUGHT OUT OF THE BACK ROOM!!!! Oh MY GOODNESS!!! A green vintage kitchen table! It took me less than a minute to know that I had to have it.

table 001

When we got home, Louie immediately took the legs to his shop to hit them with the chrome polish and buffing wheel. They were kind of dull, but not anymore. There are a few spots where the chrome has bubbled, but overall, it is in good condition, and very sturdy.

vintage table 005

vintage table 001

It came alone, without any chairs, but that’s ok. I’ll just use my stackable chairs I have been using. There is no extension leaf, but that’s ok too. It’s just the two of us.

vintage table 013

I am beyond thrilled at this new table. I always thought it would be nice to find a green vintage table like this, but I had never actively looked for one.

vintage table 014

Among some of my other finds, was some fabric. The shoe fabric was bought at the same place the table was. There is 2 yards there. The bags of ‘scrap material’ as stated on the tags, and the pattern were found at the Salvation Army ‘As Is’ store. 

vintage table 011

I also bought a flannel raggy quilt for $4.38. It’s colors are exactly my own! My silly hubby said I should just use if for ‘Show and Tell’ at quilting and say that I made it! In love Funny thing is, I think I have some of the very same fabrics downstairs, waiting to made into a raggy quilt. Sigh!

raggy quilt 002

raggy quilt 003

I found a cute kitchen towel to hang on my oven door. Sew cute! I like dresses, I just don’t like to wear them!!

kitchen towel dress 002

Here is how it looks opened up. It has hook and loop to fasten it closed.

kitchen towel dress 003

We went to Lowe’s to buy two banquet tables that were 5’ long. Lowe’s in Davenport did not have any 5’ long, so they sent us to Moline. The website showed this picture of the 5’ table. 5'

What we got were two white 5’ FOLDING  tables. The photo below shows the 6’ table on their website, and the color is slightly darker, but it shows how they fold in half. I was thrilled to see that they folded in half, because they will be so much easier to handle, and store. I like that they are white, because you can lean them up against a white wall, and they are hardly noticeable at all. Table folded

Before we came home, we went to see the movie Hope Springs. Louie and I both liked it. Funny thing though, the theater was filled with people our age and older. I only saw one younger couple, and it looked like they were with a set of parents. Lots of couples though. A few groups of ladies. Definitely worth seeing.

 It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day, and I just might end up on the back of our Goldwing!

Have a wonderful day, whatever you do!



Pokey said...

I sure like the green table! I goes well in your room, too. We use some tables like that at school, and boy are the sturdy. You'll love how easy it wipes up after eating or crafting ~

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I love your new table!! Its perfect for your kitchen!! What a great find. =)

Connie said...

What a neat vintage table for you Michelle! Neater yet that yet that you just happened to be there when it was first put out. We have a couple 5 foot tables that don't fold up and then I have 2 - 4 foot tables that fold in the middle and you can adjust the height I believe 3 or 4 different ways. I bought those at Sam's and love them for working in my quilt room. That is just too funny that Lou thought you should pretend you made the rag quilt.....silly guy!

Elizabeth said...

Well, that is one movie I WILL NOT MISS! Meryl Strep and Tommy Lee Jones. OOOOH HAHHH

Missy Shay said...

I would love a vintage table like that, but in yellow!

Annmarie Pipa said...

lucky you!!! I never find stuff like green tables!!

Jeanna said...

Wonderful table! You find wonderful things!

Renea said...

Love your vintage table. Reminds me of the one my parents had when we lived in Northwest Iowa. Your finds of fabric are very pretty.


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