Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tanner’s Orchard 2012

Last Sunday, we took a motorcycle ride to Tanner’s Orchard in Speer, Illinois. It was a little over a 2 hour ride for us from home. We took our motorcycle. We bundled up, and it was a very pleasant ride. We got there shortly after noon, and the place was packed with visitors!

tanners 008

tanners 007

tanners 009

tanners 011

You will need to enlarge this photo to really see it, but the line at the top of the photo is the line to buy lunch. It went pretty fast though. We both had grilled chicken sandwiches, chips and water.

tanners 010

Afterwards, we walked through where the goats were. This area has all kinds of things to do for kids.

tanners 001

tanners 002

I wanted a ride in the barrels, but Louie probably would have had to call 911 to get me out of one! I think I was probably over the age and weight limit too.

tanners 003

This photo was taken when we were standing in line to get inside the market building. If you look out near the road, you will see our Goldwing parked in the driveway. We had premium parking! Last year, we walked right in.

tanners 004

I visited Tanner’s Orchard last year with my girlfriends from Illinois, and when we went back this year, I couldn’t find the outdoor potties! Well, that is because Tanner’s did some building, and now they are the indoor potties! The indoor garden and fountain was beautiful!

tanners 006

I didn’t get any pictures of the area inside where the food was, because we were shuffled side by side in twos, with people ahead of us, and behind us. The place was packed! We felt like cattle. It was very, very busy! We did manage to buy some Apple Salsa, some Peach Salsa, and a caramel apple to share later though.

This picture was taken as we were leaving, right around 2pm, and people were still coming in droves!

tanners 013

It was a very nice day for a motorcycle ride, but the next time we go, I think it will be on a Saturday. I think it would be less busy then.

If you live near enough to the Peoria area for a nice sunny drive, go check out Tanner’s Orchard.


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Love those dalmatian ears in the new picture.

That corgi :) said...

That does look like a fun day trip, Michelle! I can see why it would be a popular place too with so many different things to do there!


Val said...

Haven't checked in on your blog lately but looks like you are still having a ball!

Jeanna said...

What a nice way for you and Louie to spend the weekend! That looks like a fun place...I'm a little far from Illinois now (Idaho) even though I was born very near Peoria! Wish there was a place like that near by.

Renea said...

Love the new look of your blog. Very classy. Your trip to the apple orchard looks like it was so fun.

Lori said...

Lucky you! We haven't made it there yet. Your best bet is to be there early to mid morning or you get to experience the cattle effect. :(

myletterstoemily said...

that looks like a really fun day and
a super ride!


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