Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Home Sewing Machine Model 170

First off, I’ll show you my ‘new to me’ sewing machine. I picked it up yesterday at Goodwill in Bettendorf. I have never seen one of these green and crème machines except on the internet. This is after it had it’s ‘spa’ treatment. It was a little dirty, but otherwise, I really don’t think it was used much. The oil wicks have never seen oil, and the paint is nearly flawless. There is no dry gunky oil anywhere on the ‘works’. The bobbin tire looks like it is original and shows no discoloration or wear. The case on the other hand, was a different story. It was also missing the spool pin, but I found one in my spare parts. Someone had replaced the missing spool pin with a plastic spool pin at one time, but they had glued in into the machine in one of the oil ports right next to where the spool pin should have been. Then, they broke if off flush with the machine. I ‘pounded’ the part of the pin that was left, into the machine with an ice pick and it fell out of the bottom. Then I needed hubby to scrape off super glue from the paint. I found a metal spool pin in my parts box.

new home 002

new home 020

New Home 009


New Home 011

There are metal parts on the underside of the machine that say JANOME on them.

New Home 014

I love the stitch length knob and reverse button. I love the big numbers. I think that is what I love most about it.

New Home 010

I don’t know if this machine started it’s new life in Topeka, Kansas, or it ended up there somehow to get this sticker, but it ended up in Iowa! We were in Topeka, Kansas once, passing through when we were going to Amarillo on our Goldwing. A big storm came in, and we had to stay over night there. There were 70mph straight line winds that night. My brother covered up his motorcycle with his cover, and the wind knocked it over, but it survived ok, thank God! That was really all of Topeka we saw.

new home 019

It sews great, and I made no adjustments at all. It is VERY quiet.

New Home 016

Now here’s a few ‘before’ pictures:

The case was pretty sad. The lid, I thought was filthy, but it turns out, it is just more stained. The bottom of the case, which holds the machine was a different story. It was falling apart, and the hinges that hold the machine to the case were (are) bent, and coming out. I put more than a few screws in the case to hold it together, and I screwed the hinges back in.

New Home 001

The covering was peeling off in several places, and I brushed Elmer’s glue all over like ‘mod podge’, mainly just to hold it all down and keep it from peeling off.

New Home 004

New Home 005

The lid does look a little better, but not much. The difference is, I KNOW it is clean now, regardless of how it looks.

New Home 015

new home 002

At one time, the owner must have been thinking about trading it in on a New Home model 921, but then decided against it. I’m glad she didn’t!


Maybe she kept this machine AND got herself a new model 921. Smile I can tell you my opinion is, this one is much prettier! (You would NEVER know that I used to say I did NOT like the color green. That all changed when we moved to the house we are living in now, and there were many things that were green, that we could not afford to change …and still are! Somehow, I learned to love green. Go figure!)  Hmmmm…now where am I going to put THIS one?


Val said...

Love it!!! You did good!!!

Elizabeth said...

It is a very pretty machine. Gotta love those Japanese Straight Stitch end loaders.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Cute machine. You didn't miss anything in Topeka, I lived there for 6 months when I was in 1st grade. The whole family hated it. Not one of us found a friend the whole time we were there. Oh well.

Debbie said...

Love the little two-toned job. So you've been all the way to Amarillo! Did you see Palo Dura Canyou? I'd love to visit that area again. We pulled our camper from Dallas to Durango one year on vacation and spent a night at PD on the way there. Interesting area!
I don't much miss the heat tho.

Kristie said...

Another beauty! Are you keeping this one? :) I have one New Home that is gold but I like your paint job much better. I don't remember the exact model of mine but I do remember that I had to call Janome to date it.

Have a wonderful and Blessed dayj

Jeanna said...

What an adorable machine! Are you keeping at least a scrapbook of all the machines that pass through your hands? What will you do with this one? You are the sewing machine angel!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

what a pretty little the colors!!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

That is a gorgeous machine! I love her curves!

Tammy said...

I have this same machine sitting in my spare bedroom. Comes in a cabinet. Would be interested in selling. Not sure what to charge. Any ideas?

Michaela Scott said...

I have the same machine, same model and the original top cover I picked it up at a local drift store for $30


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